Tools to make The Secret a reality

Does anyone have any tips to share about how they've used The Secret to manifest what they've desired in their lives and what tools they've used? One example I can think of right now is a vision board. I think everyone can always benefit from looking back at some of the basics every now and then, because we all forget things sometimes - even the regular Secret users!

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  • Hi,

    One of the things that works for me is to set myself a treasure hunt of sorts. Years ago, someone on the old PI forum introduced me to LOA treasure hunts, where you pick several random things that you will encounter over a week. Nothing big or important or carrying any emotional attachment. I pick things like rainbows or cartoon characters or other things that I don't see everyday so will recognize them when they come by. I don't pick anything that I am wanting to manifest for the list. Wanting it only makes it drift further away. Expecting it and not having an attachment to whether it shows up or not seems to bring the item right to me.

    I also keep a gratitude journal, and meditate. These three things always get me back on track if I wander off. Others here have some great ideas. Not everything 'works' for everyone, but you'll find the tips and tools and habits that resonate with you.

  • Sounds good. When you write in your journal, do you write 'as if' or do you write affirmations, or just record thoughts and feelings?

  • What exactly do they deal with? What is the title of the set? That's a very generous offer :)

  • I haven't seen any "free" books, just ones for purchase.

  • I have access to one of the most perfect tools I've found yet.  It's a 14 CD set.  I can give them to you via download if you want them.  They are absolutely amazing!

  • hi I want to know, if I want someone badly, is it will be helpfut to write down that? My problem is that I sometimes felt so sad that I can't concentred on it.

    And I always think about the idea (I mean I want the person back) thousands times that it makes me start to fear or depressed.......

    • I know how you feel. I lost someone in my life and I want him back. It i difficult. I knew that the Universe was always talking to me but I rejected all the signs that I was getting. I believe in the power of he universe. When I  get sad o start feeling depressed I put my hand on my heart, close my eyes and meditate. I ask the universe for what I want then I visualize what I want. This helps me get through the day. I hope this was helpful.

    • @Lina Liu

      Don't think about wanting the person back - that just creates more feelings of you wanting that person back and not having them, and that's why you feel depressed. Rather write down that you are with that person and that you are both happy. Act as if you're already together; believe it, and when you believe it, you will feel happy (not sad) and your happiness will attract more happiness.    Good luck!

    • The best way is to write things down.  Use white paper and BLUE ink.  This stimulates the mind better and creates new neural pathways.

      When you feel bad about something you are focusing on the lack of something.  STOP! Begin to focus on what it is you WANT and not what you DON'T want.

  • I have three vision boards in my computer and view them often. I should view them everyday, because my computer is on everyday.  I have a general vision board on a 10 x 20" piece of foam core that I view quite often too.

    I have notes around the house with positive affirmations and quotes.

    I say positive affirmations everyday.

    I'm not the best at writing in a journal, but I write in my journal from time to time and re read stuff I wrote.

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