Using LOA to get the job I applied for? Helpp! :)

Hello everyone. Anyways, I am currently 17 and looking for my first job. I have applied to several fast food places, (McDonald's, Rally's, etc.) about a week ago on Saturday Feb. 18, and on Monday Feb. 20.

Of all the jobs I applied for, the one I would REALLY love to get is one at Baskin Robbins, Lol. I really want the job there, more than I do anywhere else. Any job will suffice, but that one I want the most . :P

Anyways, do any of you have any helpful suggestions on how to use LOA to attract the job I want there?


Any help is appreciated. Thanks! :)

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  • I couldn't agree more about the action. Intent plus action is unstoppable. Leela, that means just don't set back and wait but use your energy towards positive action. The best positive action I could see would be to visit the places you applied for and follow up by asking them if they are still hiring. Go to Baskin Robbins and talk to the manager, tell him you can't wait to work for them. Show your inspired action and let that positive energy flow from you to him.

    Most people don't go back a second time, you need to keep going back, that will show this is where your supposed to be. When you go back, know this will be your new workplace.

    Be open and confident, show them what you have to offer as a great person and employee.

  • Hey Leela, 

    You shall have what you desire....SO START GETTING READY!!!!

    Sometimes we 'think' we're ready for our desired miracles.....but realize later that we are also hindering our good from comming to us. The good news is that we can be sure that we are not only hoping, but living and doing 'in faith' what we should be doing to bring it forth into our experience!! Amen. STOP BY...LISTEN WITH LOVE.....JOIN THE DISCUSSION!!!>>>CLICK HERE!!

    For Encouragement, Comfort & Inspiration,

    The Mystery....Within....

  • well leela,then take the 1st step,i mean keep urself aware bout wn there ll b an opening for tat job.....1 small opportunity just grab it.....i believe in action,loa prepares u mentally(by +ve affirmations,visualizations)n wn u r prepared mentally,u ll b passionate bout wt u really want for u ll b holding tat outcome picture in ur mind....n then u gotta take action which is so essential....dont lose hope,wn ur hopes r down,just boost urself up by +ve affrm..n visualizn techniques,n dont 4get to thank wt all u hv..good luck:)

  • Write down all the reasons you would enjoy working there.  Write down what you would spend the money on.  Abraham-Hicks list of positive aspects.  Rampage of appreciation.  Go to and type in processes and see which ones feel best to you to do to get the job.  I think list of positive aspects or why you want it would be really good.

    Have fun!

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