We would like our house to sell

We are in the process of selling our house and have been looking at other properties that would be more fitting for us. I visualize this house selling and us getting what we want in another house, but my partner keeps focusing on the negative aspects of the current neighborhood. I try to stop him from doing this and gently remind him that what he focuses on will suck even more of it in~ but he keeps going right back to it. It is driving me crazy and I am at the point that I would like to be able to block out his negativity without leaving him or ignoring him. I know I cannot change him. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated and I do believe once he is out of this environment he will be a lot better.


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  • That is really great! In no time your house is already sold! Wink wink :D
  • Just to follow up with everyone, we ended up getting a new agent and there is more activity. I have let go of the outcome and trying to go with the flow and be a lot less attached to control :)

    Thank you all for your comments~ they are very helpful !

  • Thanks everyone~ I did listen to the link and that was really major what that gal did by simply speaking what she wanted!

  • Thank you so much. I am a different person to the lady with the hubby but read your reply and looked at the link. I hope Kathleen also listened to the link and your advice as it's helped me believe more.
    I will certainly give it a go and am very excited about it. Thanks again. Kay
    • Lol oops.. my bad. Lol. Yea once you get excited and have fun with it will be great. Hope you manifest awesome things :) have a good one!
  • I totally agree with you Lynne
  • Hi Nix_Blu
    I just listened to your link. Wow, I never heard of scripting before. It sounds amazing and I can't wait to try it.
    I hope you don't mind but I wanted to ask some questions about it? Do you practise this yourself? Do you need to say it to someone or can you just say out loud (to an empty room)?
    Thank you for the link, it has given me optimism. I'm struggling to get a mortgage even though I'm good for it, things just keep getting in the way...! I'm going to try Scripting now.
    Thank you so much. Kay
    • Hey Kay, you don't need to say it to anyone If u don't want to... you can say it to yourself or you can say that in your head. The thing is to try not to force it because obviously you are worried.

      To make it simple just do it like a story. Make statements that you already found that awesome place and that everything worked out well. As for your hubby don't worry about his worrying lol because doing that is going to block what you want. When you relax and let go of trying to control then everything will flow and workout including your hubby :) it works well for me because I have fun with it lol I don't do it all the time though but when I'm in a good mood to do it I do see results :)

      And btw I listen to her podcasts all the time she is very good at this stuff plus her blog is awesome http://goodvibeblog.com/
  • Don't let his comments control your focus anymore than you want what he is saying to control him. If he is a believer just remind him that these thoughts are a distraction. When I lived in a bad neighborhood I just focused on who ever bought my house as being fine there & I outlined what I wanted in my new house & released it all & it turned out all happening quickly & easily. Know that this will happen for you cause your worry about him is as bad as his worry about the details. He is a reflection of you so change you & he will change too.

  • http://loarecon.com/scripting-skeptic/

    Hey there. You can try scripting. Create your own story as if it happened already. Make your story sound like this... isn't it great that my husband is so supportive in moving into our new home? The link above is a podcast telling you how to do it and how the person got some quick changes with it.

    I hope this helps :) Best of luck! Your new place is lovely *wink *wink
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