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Secret Movie--application to today

Hi: I am new to this site. My husband and I are both involved with this site and is always pleasant to put words out there in an effort to share your life and daily routine in today's society.Remember to think positive always. Apply this movie to you

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Who do we forgive today?

I want to say that White Eagle started this one, with a very helpful forgiveness worksheet.And I believe it is important to forgive ourselves, and others, etc. As often as possible. It feels really good to let go, accept, and forgive. It's a pretty p

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What do we love today?

Let's share the love every day. This was a topic from another member in the not so newly vamped up forum. So let's continue, and spread the love and happiness by sharing every day what we love the most.<3!I love myself.I love my life.I love my horse.

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