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  • I am gonna writing down a list of 10 things here while I am reading the book, " How the secret changed my life," page 62.

    1. Involving model activities makes me happy.

    2. Texting with many people makes me happy.

    3. Eating various food and various coffee & tea makes me happy.

    4. Playing board games with people makes me happy.

    5. Having a healthy relationship with Chris makes me happy.

    6. Having a stability career & volunteering makes me happy.

    7. Going out different events and meeting new people makes me happy.

    8. Traveling international with buddies makes me happy. 

    9. Helping people's errant and leading them to be successful make me happy.

    10. Developing & creating home remodel makes me happy.

    11. Seeing my growing muscle makes me happy.

    12. Seeing more opportunities career makes me happy.

    13. Listening my nostalgic music makes me happy.

    14. Hearing invitation from my buddies makes me happy.

    15. Reading inspired book & watching inspired movie make me happy.

    16. writing or drawing something for people make me happy.

    woops I wrote more than 10 lists. I hope you guys share your 10 things that really make you happy here too.

  • Hi guys,

    I'm having some trouble in keeping on track with my daily motivation, which leads me to feeling detached from the world and from the Universe.

    When I discovered The Secret, I got really good at using the Law of Attraction with little things, and progressively moved on to bigger things. I became I much happier person, living a more positive oriented lifestyle. It was a true transformation for me. And to this day, I am a huge believer in the Law of Attraction, and I try to do visualisation at least once a day!

    But as time went by, some of my old lifestyle events came back, such as the lack of opportunities, I lost my job, money got short and my love life just vanished.

    Something happened, and I feel as if I became disconnected.

    I tried starting over again. Went back to the very start and watched the secret again 3 times. But I'm afraid it hasn't changed much about my current status.

    Does anyone know of a good course that I can do, or even better, a Law of Attraction Coach that I can work with, who can help me get back on track?


  • Speaking of dreams. Years ago, I had a dream about a man I had never met. I met him seven years later and we saw each other briefly for two separate stretches of time. The geographics were not the greatest and he had issues that I felt I would be making worse so I distanced myself. I avoided anything like his facebook page, phone calls, invites to chat, all of it.

    Just recently I had another dream and without going into specifics, he started out in the dream as his old self and towards the end of the dream all the clouds that had been around him in this life were lifted and without saying a word, he made me feel so special and loved. I knew it wasn't just wishful thinking ~he has come to my mind a lot lately.

    After considerable searching from a distance, I discovered that he is terminally ill. I am taking this a LOT harder than I would have ever dreamed and I wonder how much of my own life has been a blind mistake by avoiding him. On the other hand some of his last posts - he looked really happy and much more together and I do not know if this would be the case if I had stayed in the relationship.

    He looks to be lucid and already a minor miracle from what I am seeing in a most recent post, and I keep sending him love and it is almost automatic, I am not even trying but I can feel it going out to him.

    Even at that I feel best to just keep my distance and hope for a miracle for him. There was so much in hindsight that I had missed because of my own negativity and it is like the universe is doing some pretty heavy duty work on me, but that's OK. It is nothing for me compared to what he must have been going through and I hope on a spiritual level I have been able to help. I hope and keep envisioning miracles for him and healing

  • @Aria, I've tried a technique like that and it worked! 2 years ago I attracted the perfect guy just by dreaming about him. What I did was basically order him up by falling asleep dreaming of everything about him I wanted him to be and it happened .  It took me a while to settle my mind at first but when it happened I wasn't even looking.  Then after a while I just looked at him and said wait a minute, and I just stared at him and realized what I did.  And I'm very happy I did :)

  • Hey beautiful souls, so happy to join this group. I first watched the secret 5 years and it has helped me maintain a stable life with no struggles by maintaining my vibration as best as possible 

  • Hi guys,

    If you want to find all great articles/sources/info about getting your ex back or attracting a specific person, you can find it hyper-linked in one place here:

    Be blessed :*

  • Hello

    I am new to the group and if anyone has any encouraging words for a newbie I would appreciate it.

    I have watched The Secret and now I am reading the book!

    I have had nothing in my life since I can remember but negativity. I want to turn my life around and be nothing but positive.

    Thanks for any help!

    • Welcome, Robin! I have some encouraging words for you. Wanting to turn your life around, is the first step, and let me tell you, life will become more positive for you. When I went through negativity in my life, I started walking a mile a day, listening to music and started writing my first novel. I started singing while cleaning my house and before I knew it, I was smiling and happy.
  • Oh my there are several ways.  But first I would ask the Universe what it is that you should learn from the experience of these "rascal friends" in your life.  What is it they are here to teach you?  Ask, meditate and have a pen and paper ready to write.

    Otherwise I would just make a list of positive aspects about the ones who are being "negative."  Sit and write down a list of the things that you sincerely believe are positive and true about these individuals.   Do this each day for several days in a row and see how the relationship evolves. 

  • How do you vibrate negative people out of your life this is  part i seem to be stuck in and cant manifest what i would like,i been stuck for years so what am i not getting what am i doing wrong what do you do to get rid of people who are not beneficial in your life how do you manifest them out of your life. 

This reply was deleted.


A few years back i did receive what i considered a large check. I wrote a fake check to the universe for $5,000. I put it on my little shrine and was meditating consistently every day. I would look at the check throughout the day smile at it and visualize myself receiving it. My friends were surprised to what I was expecting.I filed my taxes (which I never received a lot of money from) and it was an amount of a little over 5k. :) it worked for me so it can work for anyone.namaste <3

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