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Come in by the fire . . . pull up a chair and sit on the floor . . . and tell me what's on your mind!

This is meant as a forum in which you can vent, wax poetic, be funny, purge your poison so as to make room for the fresh and clean -- whatever you want or need -- and to feel comfortable that you're among loving, caring friends while you do so.

I'm not big on Rules and Regulations . . . but please don't drag "Nasty" into my den. Be adamant if you must, but be respectful. I have no taboos -- talk to me or anyone else about anything you wish. You're safe here.

Please respect the intellectual property rights of others. That means no "appropriating" someone else's words without their permission.

Beyond that, use your own sense of decency, common courtesy, and fellowship to guide you.

So . . . the full moon is calling . . . come howl with me!

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  • That sounds about right, yeah.

  • So your question should be how can I get rid of the fear?

  • No other questions now that I can think of, thank you :) I just wish I could let go of the fear that's blocking the good...

  • That is a long question with a short answer. and the answer is YES, your subconcious knows that a good life is waiting for you, it is the fear that is stopping you from claiming it. Do you have another question?

  • My question was if if anyone had ever experience anxiety in a foreboding (predicting) kind of way, like subconsciously knowing something good was about to happen without consciously knowing. I have had a very hard run of negative events and bad luck, and a lot of depression, I guess I just wanted to know if there was a chance that it would be possible if im subconsciously predicting a positive change in my life.  

  • Hi Andrea, Yes, I have felt that way at times, but what is your question

  • Hey everyone, I'm brand new to this group and I'm in need of some guidance, advice or even just a little understanding to what I'm going through. For some reason I've been feeling very anxious today, not necessarily negative or stressful but more like anticipation. It's almost like an intuitive foreboding? My question is, has anyone experienced this before something big happening in their lives? A big (unexpected) change about to take place? 

  • Gee how time just flows right down the river, and here we are a few years later and so many things happen. But today I am excited to post my new interview that I broadcast tonight about "Enlightened Indigo Child" I think  you will enjoy, so check it out and tell me what you think. I need your support so if you like, just follow or let me know why you would not want to follow. Looking forward to seeing all of  you for the next five years http://tobtr.com/s/7198361

  • Welcome, Pacal!  Nice to have you with us!

  • Hi there everyone i'm glad to be part of your group!!


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Needing help with getting off of pain medications.

Hi Everyone!  :O) I am placing this discussion on several discussions and groups here, and on other forums, because we seriously need some help, and I am hoping you all can offer some suggestions.  :O) My partner is in severe pain after being the victim of a hit and run incident that happened 4 years ago.  He needs to have his right hip and femur replaced due to severe neuropathy, rapid degeneration of the bones, and the nerves are dying in his right leg and foot.  His doctor said the pain he…

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Super Moon

 A fine Happy St Patrick's Day to all!   I wanted to start a discussion about the upcoming so called "super moon" this Sat. MArch 19th.  Not just any full moon, but the closest the moon has been to the earth in 18 years!  How is everyone planning on ushering in this gift from the sky as well as the Vernal Equinox?  I am hoping for enough snow melt in the next few days so that I can unearth my bonfire pit.  I would love to have my inaugural bonfire at my new house on such an occasion!  BethAKA…

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