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Super Moon


A fine Happy St Patrick's Day to all!   I wanted to start a discussion about the upcoming so called "super moon" this Sat. MArch 19th.  Not just any full moon, but the closest the moon has been to the earth in 18 years!  How is everyone planning on

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Age-Gap Relationships

Hi Everyone! :O)I was wondering if anyone out there has every been in an "age-gap relationship"? And also, what you all thought, felt or considered regarding this? This would be either a relationship with an older man and a younger woman OR an older

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FOR ALL OF YOU who love The Wolf as much as I do, as well as cool music, great pics and live-action video, this is YOUR thread! (Of course, they all are.)Post YOUR favorite Wolven-clips here!And thank you, Sherri! You gave me a BOSS idea!

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Attitudes (Pattitudes) and Opinions

Something eating you?Here's a place to spit, spout, and spew -- spill your guts -- get it off your chest -- however you want to describe it. Or if you just have a strong opinion about something -- tell me all about it.Again, be as forceful as you fee

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I have much to share with you. This thread is for those who wish to grace us with verse and poetry, and/or comments on what others have written. It seems appropriate that I begin with this:

Late one night on the mountain, while investigating mystery t

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