Needing help with getting off of pain medications.

Hi Everyone!  :O)


I am placing this discussion on several discussions and groups here, and on other forums, because we seriously need some help, and I am hoping you all can offer some suggestions.  :O)


My partner is in severe pain after being the victim of a hit and run incident that happened 4 years ago.  He needs to have his right hip and femur replaced due to severe neuropathy, rapid degeneration of the bones, and the nerves are dying in his right leg and foot.  His doctor said the pain he is feeling is at the caliber of cancer pain.  


He has been on several medications, including pain meds, nerve meds, sleeping meds, etc., and he has reached a point in his life where he hates taking them so much because of what they do to him (the side effects), that he wants to ween himself off of all of them and try to deal with the pain without them.  


He is on state insurance, and because of the economy, the AZ insurance company is now dropping 300,000 patients.  And because of all the current challenges they are placing on him, he feels he will be one of those being dropped, which is also another reason he wants to get off of all the meds.  We cannot afford to pay for "one" of them, let alone all of them.  And this also means he won't be able to get the surgery he needs.


So, I asked him if he would mind if I came here and asked all of you what you would suggest, in the area of herbs or meditations, or anything that you feel would help him deal with this pain, anything other than pharms.  He knows it will be a rough road, but he also believes it's the only way he will have quality of life and be a productive person, living life to the fullest, instead of living on a sofa watching TV or listening to music all day (when he's fully awake, that is).


He does smoke marijuana for the pain and to help him sleep, and it works okay, to some extent, but he needs something else to help him deal with all of this.


So, I'm asking all of you for help, if you wouldn't mind.  I know there are some amazing people here with a LOT of wisdom.  Thank you all in advance for all of your support and help!  


Blessed Be!

WeeBGB  :O)  <3

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  • Thank you so much, Tzippy!!!!  :O)  If he won't read it, I will!  Then I can relay what it says to him.  :O)


    WOW!  "YOU" broke every bone in your body?????  I would LOVE to hear how you healed yourself without medication!  YOU are exactly who I am looking for!  Robert has a very sceptical attitude when it comes to other's "advice".  He keeps saying, "SHOW ME THE PERSON WHO DID THIS AND I'LL BELIEVE WHAT YOU'RE PREACHING!"  LOL!!!!  It's one thing to read a book or listen to someone talking about alternative medicine working, but to actually speak to someone who KNOWS pain, and who has done what they preach, THAT'S what is going to help Robert the most! 


    If you wouldn't mind, would you please tell us your story????  :O)  And God/dess Bless you, my Friend!!!!  I have a much more positive attitude regarding all of this stuff than he does, especially when it comes to pain.  I've been in a lot of pain in my life, but not "physical" pain like he is in, so he doesn't think I can fully understand.  I do, mainly because I love him and live with "his" pain every day.  But he is right.  I have never felt physical pain like he is experiencing.  So I KNOW he will listen to YOU!  :O)


    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!  I hope you're all healed now and are not having to go through that any more!


    Blessings, Love and Light to you!!!!

    WeeBGB  :O)

  • I just met an amazing woman that cured herself from cancer, I would say start there and it will guide you to a higher journey of health. I broke every bone in my body and cured myself without meds, the name of the book is

    'chosoe to live by joyce o'brien

    if he can identify with her, get back to me and i will guide you on how to take it further.

    he can be healed without pain medication,


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