The work of Byron Katie is a powerfulway to challenge and overcome limiting beliefs.
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Introduction to the Work

The Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet

Fill in the blanks below, using short, simple sentences. Don’t censor yourself; don’t be wise or “spiritual.” Take this opportunity to express your negative feelings on paper.

  1. Who angers, irritates, saddens, or frustrates you, and why? I am ________________ at ________________ because __________________________________________________. Example: I am angry at Paul because he doesn’t listen to me, he doesn’t appreciate me, he argues with everything I say.
  2. How do you want them to change? What do you want them to do? I want ________________ to __________________________ ___________________________________________________. Example: I want Paul to see that he is wrong.
    I want him to apologize.
  3. What is it that they should or shouldn't do, be, think, or feel? What advice could you offer? ________________ should/shouldn't_____________________ ___________________________________________________. Example: Paul should take better care of himself. He shouldn't argue with me.
  4. What do they need to do in order for you to be happy? I need________________ to ___________________________ ___________________________________________________. Example: I need Paul to hear me and respect me.
  5. What do you think of them? Make a list. ________________ is _________________________________ ____________________________________________________. Example: Paul is unfair, arrogant, loud, dishonest, way out of line, and unconscious

The Four Questions

Investigate each of your statements from the Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet using the four questions and the turnaround.

  • Is it true?
  • Can you absolutely know that it's true?
  • How do you react, what happens, when you believe that thought?
  • Who would you be without the thought?
Then turn it around (the concept you are questioning), and don't forget to find three genuine examples of each turnaround.

The worksheet

  • What is it that you don't want to experience with that person again? I don't ever want to __________________________________ ____________________________________________________. Example: I don’t ever want to feel unappreciated by Paul again. I don’t ever want to see him smoking and ruining his
    health again.

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  • I love Byron, thank you for having this group and sharing her work.
  • Listening to her gives me a big sense of peace. I feel her as a mother, nice, warm, wise woman. I bless the day she decided to do that. We all have free will to decide who to listen to and what to do about it. But I pray for whoever needs this teachings to find it on their way.
    Have an abundant week of love and peace!
  • I found The Work of Byron Katie through Heather Macauley. She has a group here called A Space of Love. In her book and CD The Silent Language of Peace is where I discovered Katie. Heather also works with Abraham. Bringing Katie together with Heather's work has changed my life in beautiful ways.

    I know the members here will love Heather's A Space of Love group and work at

  • Kyra I agree with you Katie is FAB. I have often wondered if she is familiar with Abes work because sometimes I notice her "accepting" things that I would want to work on my VIBE with. But as you know she is doing her job . I think ours is just a little more focused on what we want.
    I kind of like the fact that the WORK and Abe teachings are so different. So we can pick what we want from both. They really blend perfectly.
  • My thoughts of late on Byron Katie .... her Work is invaluable when one is slogging thru some really tough strata of emotional bedrock.

    She is also helpful when I want to indulge in some mood because a family member is other than cleaning up after themselves, so I must do it. At that point, I can stop my shoulding and just become a lover of what is.

    However, what I feel is missing from Katie's work is the powerful intentions component that is part of the Abraham-Hicks perspective that allows one to make one's overarching "job" just keeping oneself in a "feeling good" vibe in order to become a vibrational match to the intentions one is seeding.

    I feel that Katie's work is good for achieving a neutrality, and then I like to work with Abraham's ideas to achieve a higher, more joyful state.

    I feel Katie does not fully embrace the idea of being a conscious creator of "what is" and instead just "loves it". So it is part of the equation .... and then we can provide the next part by seeding the Universal Field with our intentions, and then being a vibrational match to those intentions by carefully monitoring our emotions and feelings.
  • Thank you for providing me with the link for Byron Katie the work
    I love the work she does and I will sign up god bless Lorraine
  • Hi Sarah, Ruth and all who share a love of The Work. Byron Katie is featured on a 3-part video interview this week on Oprah's Soul series that can be accessed thru Oprah's website. The Work is changing the energy in our house .... we are so much more peaceful, loving and tolerant. Great discussions come out of it. I am now reading A Thousand Names for Joy and am so grateful for new perspectives and shifts that comes from inquiry. It is fun to play with every little nagging thought that comes up and turn them around, entering a neutrality that allows clarity of thought and action.

    EFT seems great to use with The Work. I also like using SWITCHWORDS ... there is a group here on PI for this.
  • Hi-
    I am new to the PI community and to this group. I love The Work and have also found it very helpful in examining long held beliefs that no longer serve me. Has anyone else used The Work in conjunction with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, Or "tapping")? I find each one a powerful clearing tool, and together they form a synergy that is just awesome.
  • Well hello everyone! I just checked out and listened to something I ordered from my local library: a 6-CD set of Katie's "I Need Your Love ... Is that True?" and loved it! How liberating! It said what I always knew to be true ... we are truly just searching for our own love and approval. And what a sweet, delicious gift when we fully allow ourselves to sink into and embrace that wonderful thought ... that we are fully lovable and we DO adore and love ourselves and truly other than need the approval of others to be just as happy as can be! I find that my happiness has to do with my right alignment with Universal Law, and that I swim in a sea of love all the time, yet really feeeeeeeeeeel it when I am in alignment.

    For me, this love is made effortless by my recent discovery that eating my food uncooked (I am a raw food vegan) keeps me naturally high.

    I am also reading Loving What Is right now and it has changed my world. I see that all judgments can be rendered just plain silly by instant turnarounds ... it's really all about me, and what a lot of silliness!

    So, to sum this up, Katie has opened up the doors of happiness in that we really see how we create our misery and how easy it is to uncreate it when we are done with the silly role playing. I am so grateful to find out about The Work. Thank you, Universe!
  • Good evening. Dropped by to say that "the work" has truly allowed me to accept myself and others. Interestingly enough it has opened my heart and broken down walls that have been up for so long. Just Ruth's assistance in "doing" the work has allowed me to love and accept and challenge and did i mention accept? THANK YOU.
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I'm really a horrible person........ Isn't that Wonderful!!!!

When I accepted the fact. When I turned to face myself. When I saw in me what you possibly see in me. ..and when I accepted that you were right from your point of view. I became free. I no longer have to rationalize, justify, run and hide for fear of seeing what you see, change to please.....none of it! I accept it. I accept that even if you think that I'm a bright and wonderful person that there's someone somewhere who doesn't.....and I can face myself and agree. I'm a horrible person...Isn't…

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I know it is not about the manifestation but jeez!!!

I am a big Abe student so I know I create my own reality.So this work just blends so perfectly with it.Today I was just a little annoyed with a BELOVED and I kept doing the work and keeping my bitchy thoughts to myself (which is always a good idea in theory) but alot of times in the past I have just given in to them and said things I later regretted.So about an hour into me keeping my mouth shut and doing the work . This BELOVED person took it apon themselves to clean the WHOLE kitchen. I mean…

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Nice breakthrough.

Last night someone did something that usually takes me into insanity. I mean yealling and all kinds of scarry thoughts that can throw me for a good 20 hours.So I did the work when I started getting upset . Next thing I unplugged my phone and got a good book going. Just stayed in the moment and enjoyed MY TIME.THIS IS BIG. I LOVE THIS WORK.Everything worked out perfectly and I am as Katie says "looking forward to when I can do the work again"BLESSINGS KIM

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Wonderful book with Katie and Wayne Dyer.

I am really enjoying an audio book with Byron Katie and Wayne Dyer. "How to make your thoughts work for you"He says that Abe-Hicks and Byron Katie are two of the greatest teachers on the planet right now.Then he went on to sum up alot of Abes teachings by saying that next time you think of something that you "think" is missing in your life simply say"IT IS ON ITS WAY" ---DON'T YOU JUST LOVE THATKIM

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