A Blessing for our President

We are all feeling the effects of the energy shift that has come with the election of President Barack Obama, our new American (and a global) Leader.As I watch the new Pres in his first 100 days, I can feel my own head spinning as so much is going on, and on so many levels. As we go through this active shift together, let us remember that the need for grounding and breathing! is greater now than ever.I can't help feeling overwhelmed myself, and wish to send a blessing to the American President, his family and the new Administration (which is now beginning to tackle the U.S. and global economy, ending inhumane and long outdated practices like human (and animal - should be next) torture, stirring new earth-friendly energy sources, successfully ending a "war" that was not based on weapons of mass destruction, creating a new and better health care system, and etc. etc. etc.) As my own head spins, my blessing is this:To the President, his wife, and the administration, I wish a blessing of peace, of "one day at a time," a knowing that we the people realize this healing and implementation of new systems and practices will take time, and that we are all in this together. Take it easy. Take heart that the American people, and people of the world, understand that indeed, this U.S. and global recovery will take time. And we are also doing our part. Minimizing our dependence on foreign oil and our personal carbon footprints, standing up, as we always have, for what is true and humane, and taking responsibility too for our own lives and actions and activism.A blessing for good luck, of our support and partnership, and for our gratitude for wanting also to bring our country and our World, into the active paradigm of One People, One World, One Planet, One Peace. For being our Leader in this, we thank you and say, yes, we are with you. Through the bumps and the blessings. One day at a time. Namaste.AwakenedRecovery

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