How president Obama use the LOA whether he knew it or not.

Does anybody remember Palin and McCain commenting on Obama for writing his presidential speech way before he won it? They took the mick out of him because it was only just over half way through the entire presidential campaign. It seems he prepared himself for his "definite" win. Yes, we can!

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  • I agree strongly Kyaa :)

    I have followed his campaign all this time since the beginning of last summer. He knew he was going to make it. His confident energy spread around the globe and I was able to feel this, too. It is infectious I also had no doubt in my mind that he wins the election, most of all it was supported by an energy of a 'different kind'. He decided to make it not only his personal energy but to include the people and energize through the power of thought and belief in a very LOA like fashion.

    I am sure he knows this, and he consciously works with the energies. One must be in tune with the Universal Laws in order to write such great speeches, while speaking freely from the heart as well as coming up with such a powerful slogan!

    Right before I had participated in Eckhart Tolle's A NEW EARTH on ... It was a 10 week virtual class on Monday evenings for about an hour, or sometimes two.

    When I truly listened to Obama speaking and feeling the deeper meaning of what he stands for I was very much reminded of Eckhart's concepts of staying in the present moment and to harness our energies of Love and Peace through stillness, conscious awareness and to simply align ourselves with whatever IS in any given moment. President Obama speaks from the heart like this. He sais it... 'as it is' ... as well as he makes it very clear that we are all responsible for ourselves and are to step up to the plate in each and every way we can, which to me means nothing else but to hone our own talents and abilities while sharing it with the world at large! There is a place for everyone for that everyone is unique, which creates a beautiful array of how we can all contribute in various different ways.

    Diversity is much needed in a time of Change for that only through shared efforts via different tasks can we create a new world which acknowledges and is overflowing with joy because of the many different possibilities.

    I feel that Mr. Obama knows this and lends a guiding hand to help us all to see and to unlock the potential inside of each and everyone of us, if we just take a long and good look and become more self conscious and aware!

    Not only is it that WE CAN but WE ARE WORTH IT, too!

    Love and Hugs to all of you,
  • Yes and what I meant is I believe Obama followed his heart and deep down within he wanted to assist the country for the better. He wanted to guide the country and reform it. He wished that I believe so deep within. I believe that is a meditative affirmed state of being and beingness and when you are in that place its like "Namaste" - when you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me we are one - thats how I see Obama really one with his soul and with others. The position is made for him and he is made for the position.

    It is interesting though that excuse my French he has to take over so much Sh...t that left behind, that sucks but I believe Obama can handle it or he would have never gotten the office and he would have never wanted it. I believe he can handle such a huge, huge challenge that he faced with. Can you imagine taken over something that somebody ruined, god who would want that.

    It takes an aweful lot of courage to want to take over something that someone else ruined and brought down the drain. I give Obama alot of credit for having the strength, power and willingess to take it over, power to him. He is an extraordinary man/soul/lightworker. I really honor him for such dignity and such courageousness.

    Think about that you take over the mess someone else left. Thats alot of cleaning up and work to do. You have to be really strong to be able to do that and you have to want to do it from the bottom of your heart.

    Its not just about ah here I am I am President, its not about that at all, its about hmm look at all the garbage dumped and now I took over and he is President and has a huge job /work/task to do, but he knows he can do it and we know he can and will do it for sure with ease, otherwise he wouldnt have chosen to run for Presidency. I really truly respect him for being so courageous, he has alot to do. Power to him.

    Lets put that out there that the transition from a mess into harmony again is with ease for Obama and everyone in America as well as the world. I believe the only way now is up and thank god its on its way up up up - yeah yeah yeah - wooohaaa!! Finally.

    Power to him for taking on such a huge task. I honor Obama for his courage. Power to him.

  • Pleasure, those are good points, I believe if you have that thought in your mind Yes we can and it really vibrates through your soul then you know you will win, but I personally dont think it was about winning for Obama. I believe its like we all feel, its a much, much lighter and higher level where you Trust and you KNOW that what you have in your HEART, MIND, BODY & SOUL vibrates an extremely high frequency automatically and therefore you know what you feel inside will win, because your whole beingness and love comes out. All his love came out. I mean I have never in my 50 years of living watched one Presidency not one and I live in Europe and this was the first Presidency that I was keen to know, listened and noticed, I didnt vote, but if I would have voted here in Europe it would have been for Obama definitely, but I am a lazy person, I have never voted in my life. This time I would have, I guess I was too late though too. I voted in my heart and this Presidency I followed on the day of election. I mean I was literally drawn to him that never happens to me. I never watch Presidencies so I know that meant something if I would a Presidential Election.

    I am not saying he didnt do anything not to win, but what I am saying is his Energy just is so PURE and you can feel this pureness. He eases, soothes and emanates a beautiful strength and harmony that is so much more than even Presidency.

    Its about the essence of who he is and what he is about and what he would like to really see America achieve. It absolutely is not about race, color nor creed, its about the pure essence within that just has the Magic that he holds and has. Thats why for instance for me - I get the goose bumps everytime I see a picture of him or hear his name or even think about him. He just has such an awesome aura, energy to reach out and touch you to the deepest parts of your soul, at least he does that to me.

    He is very, very special, but thats just my feeling. He just feels so right, so perfect. I am not trying to put all the pressure on him, I believe he is really going to turn the country and world around with ease, I really believe that, even if it sounds so unrealistic maybe.

    What its the LOA about?? Isnt it about the knowingness - the Trusting - The Knowledge - The Essence, The Light - The core - Our Intuitive powers all of us and Believing and Knowing YES WE CAN as he says - YES WE CAN DO IT. There is no fight for that - it is what you are.

    When you follow your heart and live your truth you end up in the right direction and the place where you are suppose to be. Obama was made for Presidency, he has the uniqueness and essence in every form and manner. He has so much integrity and he knows whats important. I think he is the first other then Kennedy, the first President that will really finally change History and I pray he stays in office 8 years. He just emanates so much harmony for me, I love his core essence of beauty from within that emanates on the outside, well he is also very good looking too, but he just has the most beautiful aura. So lovely, so caring and he just fits for Presidency.

    I believe he loves this feeling of guiding America and sterngthening America. I believe he just has a balanced strength and that goes out to the people. I feel the people felt that too.

    I think we should really celebrate him in office and be so grateful, so thankful everyday that he is the new President.

    The only thing I wanna complain about is I had to renew my passport today, I live in a foreigh country and without I am stateless, countryless when you live abroad, I wish it would have been a bit cheaper than it was, still it is what it is. Hope I get that beautiful new passport with the eagle in it. hmm, thats really nice.

    ok enough said, beautiful day, all.

  • With Barack being close with Oprah - and with Oprah having read many books by Esther and Jerry Hicks - and interviewed them (& Abraham) on her radio show - I can imagine she's shared a lot about the Teachings of Abraham with him. It's exciting that he and his family are staying just a few blocks away from me this holiday season!

    It's all good!

    Happy holidays!
  • I do recall McCain saying Obama was 'measuring the drapes' on several occassions.
    I think even McCain knew at that point it was a done deal.
  • This reminds me of a quote I came across yesterday written by H. Jackson Browne:

    "I never expect to lose. Even when I'm the underdog, I still prepare a victory speech."

    I believe that President Elect Obama is definitely living the Law of Attraction in action whether he is consciously aware of it or not. Thanks for sharing.

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