These pictures are awesome! They show Orbs of Light that were captured on film during election night in Grant Park. These Orbs have been captured on film by many people over the years. They are known to be Orbs from the Spirit world. It appears that human beings are not the only one's celebrating Obama's victory. These pictures show that Spirit Beings are also dancing and celebrating. This is another indication, to me, that President Elect Obama is definitely a Lightworker President who will help bring the Light of love, peace, joy and abundance into the world.Blessings,Krystara

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  • Hahaha! Google Orbs on google images and you will find interesting pictures of spiritual beings, these pictures are taken with different cameras, and some at the same places, especially at ancient sacred places, like in the kings chamber of the great pyramid for example. "Cults", that are all the religions that are out there, also the christian religions. They didn't convey they whole teachings of Jesus and left out what "endangered" the influence of the church. But this will change very soon.

  • Here for example, you can see these "orbs" at our "Mission Pharaoh" meeting with Lucyna Lobos-Brown and William Brown. These spiritual beings are Enki, the spiritual guardian of the Earth, and his son Marduk. 


  • We have close contact with the spiritual world and these "orbs" are spiritual beings, are souls.

    Yes, a spiritual being can take on different forms, and when in certain cases a spiritual being
    makes contact, it appears in a form that is less likely to be rejected by the person that it
    approaches, yet this is the way we all really look like. No matter the race, sexuality OR BELIEVE.
    We have on our channeling sessions on which we receive important messages regarding this, the 12th
    year, and regarding the upcoming precession towards the end of 2012, meaning: Earth's transition into the fourth dimension, regarding Nibiru's/planet-x passage and regarding the true purpose of the great pyramid of Giza, and actually the whole network of pyramids all over the globe at least one "orb" present.
    This "orb" is Enki, the spiritual guardian of the Earth, brother of Enlil (know to us as Jesus) 
    told us the following about Obama:
    He was chosen by god's will to become president. He is the 44th president, this is a sacred number.
    It is no coincident that he is black and white, he has the DNA of these two races that were fighting
    each other for a very long time. When he became president, he had the best of intentions
    and really wanted to bring all these changes for the better. But as it is with all presidents in the US,
    he found an envelope on his desk, an envelope from the Illuminati. In this letter it said what he can,
    and what he can't do, otherwise something might happen to him and/or his family. Now he is just
    another puppet, even though he would love to bring these changes. 
    JFK was an Illuminati himself who wanted to bring change as well, he also wanted a better life for the 
    people of his nation, and they just removed him. Him and all the men in his family. This year the measure 
    will be full, the Illuminati won't be able to realize their plans anymore, 2012 is the year of the great cleansing of the Earth, god's will WILL be done.
  • These photos represent Obama so well. People coming together and sharing in their desperate attempts to put a spin on a photo taken with a dirty lens. Just as the members of the cult of Obama have a distorted view of what is his anti-american, socialist agenda.
  • Wow those are alot of orbs, AWESOME, yes I agree with you Krystara that the Spiritual beings are celebrating Obama, he is the light for sure Obama. What a beautiful Lightbeing, let us all rejoice finally woohaaaa yes!! Finally he can take office thank god!!

  • oh my god, WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have tears in my eyes, so beautiful! So refreshing, things are going to turn around
  • Wauw, so awesome Krystara!! And I also think - Yes of course!!
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