Just Loving President Obama, That's All!!! (Supporting Mr. President!!!)
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  • great picture Noreen awesome pic!!
  • yes and because everyone is happy today - or most people - just think of the vibrations going out into the universe ??? We are one we are one - happiness is contagious usually unless one wants to stay unhappy,

    Obama keeps saying WE CAN - I love those words. he is awesome.

    thank god.

    there are great things happening already, believe it - expect it and know it.

    just lets keep our vibrations up everyone ok. This change is vital.
  • The World has Fallen In Love with Barack
    I am no exception. Listening to his speech last night, tears rolled down my cheeks. Martin Luther's dream has finally come true. Such a wonderful speech, I need to hear it again. Such a postive energy, God Bless the USA. A Canadian.
  • YES WE DID!! Sofia has been singing "Go Obama" for weeks now, and while I know she does not fully understand what this victory means, she is surely seeing my pure joy.....for me, this election was about her future....I cant seem to stop crying tears of joy today.....my soul is singing....we are one......
  • America and all American going to much better with Mr President!
    All the world like Him!
    Good chance for you all and him to!
  • The world is truly changing for the better, and this is just wonderful!!!
  • I am not sure what it is magicalmirror, but I can say there is and has always been decension in the African American race. But to most African Americans is he not "black enough" (whatever that means).
  • maybe they are jealous Lisa?? weird isnt it.

    OMG this is history, its beautiful.

    Gosh why be jealous - thats not togetherness - this is beautiful, its about time an African American is made President - its about time - damm I mean come on its the 21st century. sheeeshhhhhhhhhhh. Its about time people change their attitudes.

    its time now thats what got the world in a dump because of attitudes.

    Its time now to love and open our hearts. This is history, this is the best that ever happened to us in centuries, I keep getting the goose bumps, I am so happy.

  • I am very excited, but what I cannot understand is why are so many African Americans not excited, at least in my neck of the woods?
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Abraham speaks of Obama...and how we can support him

Hi. I was just listening to the Mexican Cruise 2009 last night and ran into something that reminded me of this group. I come bearing gifts :-)Here's a conversation that I think this group will appreciate like no other!The best and most relevant might be a few minutes in, but I put them all in for context.Obama politics upliftment eliciting influence core desires of source regarding humanity.mp3

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Open Letter to President Obama!

Hello Everyone,I am new here and I think it is wonderful that this Forum has a group which supports Barack Obama, where we join together as One to support with loving energies.This is awesome!I just came across a beautiful site last night where there is a post of an Open Letter to President Obama written by James Arthur Ray.In case you are a member of Digg.com you can also help to vote for this Letter by 'digging it'! The more reviews through diggs the letter receives the faster and the quicker…

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A Blessing for our President

We are all feeling the effects of the energy shift that has come with the election of President Barack Obama, our new American (and a global) Leader.As I watch the new Pres in his first 100 days, I can feel my own head spinning as so much is going on, and on so many levels. As we go through this active shift together, let us remember that the need for grounding and breathing! is greater now than ever.I can't help feeling overwhelmed myself, and wish to send a blessing to the American President,…

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Share your ideas with President Obama!

My ex husband just e-mailed me this site and I thought you might be interested. You can post your ideas of what you would like President Obama to do or vote on ideas already posted. The ideas that have the most votes will be presented to the President. The link is to an idea my ex had. Vote on it if you like it!http://citizensbriefingbook.change.gov/ideas/viewIdea.apexp?id=087800000005Bc6

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