"TRULY, THOUGHTS ARE THINGS- and powerful things at that when they are mixed with definiteness of purpose, persistence, and a BURNING DESIRE for their translation in riches or other material objects." What a perfect opening paragraph! Thoughts are things! After reading throught the Introduction on MINDPOWER, leave your comments, thoughts and open discussions on ideas or thoughts you have about the content here.

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  • I think about having lots of money and a nice big apartment with a big kitchen but still waiting for it to happen. I think postitve and greatful thoughts for things I already have so how do I get my big apartment and lots of money???? 

  • Everything in this book is right on point. The problem with most people is, they read this and know it's true but they don't practice it and sharpen their skills like a writer sharpening their pencil. Practice makes perfect. I am living proof of that. You have to make these things habits, like brushing your teeth every day. I say read os listen to Think & Grow Rich every day, even if it's just one chapter=)

    "The Law Of Attraction is always in ACTION"
    ~London Lyric=)=)=)
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