Think and Grow Rich! Use the principles and concepts within the book Think and Grow Rich!
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Think and Grow Rich!

Hello Everyone!

I thought it would be a great idea to start a Think and Grow Rich Group here on Powerful Intentions! This book has created wealth in all areas of life for thousands and thousands of people worldwide.

This group is for the experienced reader, the novice and anyone who wants to gain a firm understanding of the creative process through this classic book. Think and Grow Rich is a timeless and wonderful book.

I'll post a new Discussion form for each chapter once a week. Please join in the discussion!

Join me as we THINK AND GROW RICH!

Think Big!

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  • Hello guys. I know that i am a few years out, but would anyone else like to join a study club? its free, not catch. I have created a blog, facebook, and twitter to got more people on board. Please get in touch if you are interested. x

  • Hey people,I have started the book.What do you say about giving life to this group once again?Posting ideas we like every 3 days or so.Because a master mind,as mentioned in the book,Has much power.Tell me all,when to start.

  • thanks Dawn :)

  • I read this book once. It was awhile ago. I don't know what happened to that book (perhaps I loaned it to someone). I have to get myself another copy. It is really a great book!

  • Charisma and sex transmutation are similar.  When you think of someone with Charisma what comes to mind?  Someone who people want to be around!   They are attractive.  They can easily wait for what they want because they KNOW they will get it.  If you are not naturally charismatic, you can learn to change the energy of need and want into expectation and curiosity.  Hope this helps!  This lesson is loaded with possible triggers for people, let it go and find the truth as it is written for you in the chapter.  

  • I have read the book but that topic of sex transmutation is quite confusing?Can someone give a better understanding of that?

  • I have a question about the burning desire, sometimes i have a desire but it doesn't seem burning one , in other word how can i turn normal desires into a burning desires??
  • I was just wondering how many people reconized the Carnegie Secret in the First Chapter?
  • Hi Dawn:
    My sister found this group and I was invited to join. What a great idea, I have this book on CD however have gotten away from it. but last night I bought the book. So maybe now I am "ready". Napoleon talks about finding the secret in each chapter and now it seems to be like a treasure hunt. My biggest stumbling blocks are fear and self confidence at various degrees. I hope by joining this group to overcome these obstacles.
  • Thank you for your comment on David's site took me a while to find you ...I am interested in the coaching but dont have skype or a home phone. But would be interested anyway to learn about ways to make some money from home.

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Is being of good character important in LOA

Every now and then in PI someone writes about why Loa is not working, or it did work for a while and then it seemed like it is not working anymore. ..or that “bad” things happened to the contrary even tho they have had good thoughts and feelings. IMHO there is something missing. and I think Hill writes a more complete picture of what it takes to TaGR.And what is missing,...Is that for the Law of be effective one has to be of good characterI know I think Bob Proctor did say in the…

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The Introduction - The Man Who Thought His Way to Riches

"TRULY, THOUGHTS ARE THINGS- and powerful things at that when they are mixed with definiteness of purpose, persistence, and a BURNING DESIRE for their translation in riches or other material objects." What a perfect opening paragraph! Thoughts are things! After reading throught the Introduction on MINDPOWER, leave your comments, thoughts and open discussions on ideas or thoughts you have about the content here.

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The Author's Preface...

In the author's preface of the origianal Think and Grow Rich book by Napoleon Hill, Hill lets us know how he was tasked with taking the concepts given to him by Andrew Carnegie to the world. Carnegie explained his method for creating wealth and asked Hill if he would "spend 20 years or more preparing (himself) to take it (the Secret of creating wealth) to the world..."Think about it! What would you do if you were in Hill's position, with no money in your pocket and being asked by the richest…

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