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  • One way we have tried to make money is breeding our pure bred American Bully pit bull (papered) we have one puppy left, she is 9 weeks old now. We are trying to get at least 2,500 for her. Our original buyer changed his mind. We are having a bit of trouble getting the word out about, so here I am putting out the word. We put an add up on There are a few pictures of her on my homepage, but with the other puppies, too. Anyone interested message me. Thanks!
  • This is really neat. I'll write more later about this -- but I think it's a great idea. I wish you well and know that all your needs will be provided.

    I'm unemployed and always need encouragement -- maybe we can all encourage each other since we're in similar situations. It often helps to know we're not alone and even the most "enlightened" of us have areas in our lives that seem to be more of a challenge.

    I'll be back later -- got some stuff I need to do right now -- thanks for starting this.

    Mary Jo
  • Hi Heidi that is a super talent you have!! We did that several years ago for my Mom's 80th birthday. She just loved it, going back thru the years to more present, with all the family was super to see. YEs we all have neat gifts to share with each other. I've been depressed since i'm unemployed too, but trying my best to stay Positive, forget my painful abusive past with both ex- husbands. Peace, Love, Kathy.
  • Oh my goodness. I've just cried a little bit (and it's not just the pregnancy hormones). This has truly touched me so much. I am feeling so much lighter than I was this morning, and I have a renewed energy that I will use to clean my house tonight, because I was going to put it off. You are all so wonderful I send you all positive thoughts and I will stay positive. Thank you all again so much
  • I dont have much money to give but I can offer a proffesional service to raise money for mispig. I make proffesional photoshows. That is putting all your pics on a dvd to music, they make beautiful gift. I can do whatever you wish. please contact me at i will charge $ 30 per show and thats is up to 500 pictures any thing more is $50 I will donate all but $10 to mispig that is to cover the cost of the dvd and it comes in a personalized case.
  • Hi mispig/ Good blessed evening to you: Bellieve in Yourself, the power of positive thinking/ learn to manifest prosperity and abundance coming to your life. How much money will you need to get you more comfortable? Soon I might be able to help you!! Hugs, PEace, LIGht, Hope, Kathy.
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