~For The Love Of Flowers~

For some time now I have wanted to add a thread about the beauty of flowers and the joy they bring to people and how the nurish our spirits when we are down and how they enhance our joy when we are up. I ran across this blog created byFlower Vibes another memeber here. So I wish to share her blog and insite on how flowers do enhance our lives to keep us in a place of happiness. Thank you Flower Vibe, for sharing your information it came at just the right time.

The Power of FlowersWhat is it about flowers that causes us to consume them more rapidly than Big Macs? (More cut flowers sell per year than Big Macs, not to mention all the garden flowers not recorded in the statistics.)We are drawn to flowers for a very simple reason: They make us happy."La-di-da!" you may think... "Happy is nice, but why should that really matter to me??"Good question.Well, the very basis of The Law of Attraction is: the happier, the more joyful you are, the better your life, the closer you come to living your dreams.When you live in happiness and joy, the Universe truly brings all the good stuff right to you. Conversely, when you don't vibrate near the level of happiness and joy, the universe will let you know by bringing you things you don't really want.Here is some exciting news: scientific researchers at Rutgers University are proving what we’ve intuitively known all along – that flowers make us happy.And, not only that but that, but flowers KEEP us happier, too.Truly, we humans have known this all along. We act on it without even hesitating. We send flowers when we want people to feel better. We send them to funerals, to sick people. (There's archeological evidence that we've been doing this for tens of thousands of years!)We also send flower when we want to say, "I share in your happiness" -- at times of celebration (birthdays, weddings, successes, etc.)People are drawn to flower gardens and to seasonal bloomings of special flowers like cherry blossoms and daffodils and roses.The Rutgers research is fascinating. The gist of it is that 100% of people* exposed to flowers become immediately, measurably happy.Think about that… 100% almost never occurs in scientific experiments, but it applies in the case of exposure to flowers, both men and women.And, immediately happy. It happens right away, and it is not about making people "happier" than they were. Flowers genuinely, measurably make people HAPPY.WOW.Then, three days later, the scientists measured the happiness levels of the group who were made happy by flowers, and their happiness levels were STILL higher than the other people (who had been given positive things, just not flowers).Thus, these scientists are inadvertently proving that flowers support the path to our desires by raising our happiness level which raises our frequency to the level of our intentions.Exciting stuff.So, here's my simple A + B = C formula: Flowers + the Law of Attraction = The Life of Your Dreams!Get flowers; get happy; and live the life of your dreams!Affirmation:I live my life flowerFULLY!Added by FlowerVibes on September 15, 2009So please feel free to add your favorite flowers here and spread some happiness to others!

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  • Wow, beautiful Jem, thanks for sharing.

    • Deea I love you<3 you always have beautiful messages, I shared a poem  on another site will share it here to.

      Pleasant sweet scent
      The glory of you
      As my eyes watch you,
      My souls in harmony
      My eyes wide
      Searching, dreaming
      The exquisite intoxication
      Of thine sight is
      My hearts delight.
      Always excitement,
      Fresh, new.
      The thought of the
      Creation of you, magnificent
      How did you become?
      In so many infinite wonders
      And splendours to be hold.
      When I pick you,
      I know your mine for a time.
      The gift of you.

      Is to touch the heart.
      That is your splendour.
      Always inviting
      Thank you,
      sweet flowers.
  • Cute:)
  • Thank you for sharing this:) I also shared it with another group Grateful Gardener's

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  • Lovely orchids image Pam, I miss our hoo doo's as well, I have a pot garden this year, they are lining the steps to the front door lol. Love ya and miss you bunches my friend *hugs*
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    I just love orchids. So glad you put up a flower site. I miss the hoo doo in the gardens
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