The Lists of What You Want

One of the concepts of the LOA is to make a list of the things you want. Almost like the vision board, but most particularly with the kinds of attributes and personality traits you are looking for in a "perfect partner". And I put that phrase in quotes, because as it is so readily pointed out, we are human beings who are continually changing. A part of being human that I love the most. But the things we look for in others can also change as we change, so what is a perfect partner, really? One that changes and continues on the same path of their own, but with yours? Is that something to put on the list?I wonder how many of us have made this list of the things we are looking for in a person to share a life with. Even the most independant of people, the woman who doesn't need anyone, could (and in my opinion still does) WANT someone to share a life with; or the man who has it all and he himself is completely independant, and doesn't NEED a woman, will want one (if not more then one) to accompany his time.When we make this list, is their being LOA as well part of the things on the list of attributes that we list? Is it important for you to be with someone who shares the views and followings as LOA as you do? We usually look for those who share similar interests as we do, so there are things we can talk about and share. But most of the time, we are not looking for someone who is EXACTLY into all we are interested in, as then what can you learn from one another? For instance, I don't ever see myself with an attorney. The conversations, I think, would become boring, and especially in such a profession, I could see causing a lot of arguments. lol. :) But that is just me. I do however think I would want someone who is a believer and follower of LOA. It was on my list of the things I was looking for.So what's on your list, and how important is the knowledge of LOA in the one you love?Also, do you think this list of the attributes and personality traits we want are all emcompassed in the person we attract? Have you made the list, attracted this great person and still found surprises? :)

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  • The list , hmm a twin flame love Wow why not , someone who knows the law of attraction and believes it , someone who can be adventuresome a tad in the sex department , a good dancer , someone who listens with respect and understands we don't always have to agree . someone who wants to travel like ido , someone who canspell better then me cause lord knows i can't hahaa . someone who laughs out loud . who enjoys friends comeing over but also knows when its ok to have a quite night , someone who makes me feel like were a stronger personality together , someone who sees my light and ignores my faults . someone who can be loved bk just like that XXXXXXXXXXXXX
  • I want to find the perfect job, that will take me to retirement , with full benefits and enough salary to more then take care of my needs. I want to get my health back completley from my teeth to my toes, I want to start to travel on my vactions which will come with the job with full benefits. My new lists of wants lol!

    • Woohooo I have the job with the benefits, so now on to taking care of health issues and have a start already on my teeth, once the health insurance kicks in I am getting a physical, been 11 years since I had one of those lol. Then to start thinking about where I want to travel to, hmmm so many possibilities.
    • So Awesome!!! Congratulations Deea! :)
    • hahahahha well maybe maybe knot lol . xxxxxxxxxx
    • congrads u deserve this . go girly girl . ha i think i got my champ va bk lol something i want to keep when me an d x over there eperate he can do his thing but give me that . gawd i hope im right lol
    • I hope you are right to hun and so sorry I missed you, not sure how I did?? I am wishing with you that all your dreams and wishes are on there way sweet heart,*hugs*
    • j avitar hahaha

      sherri wanting her fancy tickeled hahaha a
    • LOL. I know this movie, and wow, what a passionate scene. Hoping you get all that you desire Sherri, and knowing that you will. :)
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