• Um good question
    Music because it is uplifting - I mean, if it is music we like and or positive lyrics.

    Vision boards: It can help those of us not so good at visualizing (e.g. me) to do so - imagine how it would look through our eyes. Combined with the great music can help us feel the feeling - at least a bit.

    I THINK music can increase or decrease the heartrate a bit - not dangerously but it can make us feel sleepier, more alert etc.

    Some of us are visual, some of us are aural some are kinesthetic some are a combination.
    If we are visual or aural or a combo of these perhaps vision boards appeal more, perhaps the kinesthetics (touch, doing etc.) would prefer to touch something (not someONE ha ha!) like "test drive the dream car"
    or have some kind of tactile vision board.

    I mainly use vision boards on the computer.
    We have one on a board of cut out photos, hubby looks at THAT one more than me and he is more kinasthetic.
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