This was to fun not to share and shhhhhh, becoming my hearts desire, if I find someone new, he must want this kind of fun,a littl inspiration for both of us*smiles* thanks Renagade for the share. Listen at the very beginning he says, just imagin!

    • i take you forever and always , i do . hahaha i wonder if i put his name in there if im pushing the unniverse ? its ok unniverse im loveing the idea of him but know you got the plan in your hands . aawww Thanks Brian Smith for makeing me see a clearer vision of  why i dream  
  • Well I bet before you know it Sherrie, you will be telling us all about this new love you have found, fun!6366685474?profile=original
    • I agree in my vortes now thinking of a man who wanted me to be his wife hahaha thats were im at with my love viberation , haha
  • 7289807653?profile=originalI love vision boards and yes they do work, imagine my surprise when I moved by this lake, and one of the cars I picked, is just like the car I own now. Some people will create them and then put them away, then to look back later and find the accomplished all they had on their board, this is a very useful tool, if you find your struggling to manifest your hearts desires.

  • again i will suggest simple words were everyone agrees and understands . Can i call it a counscious prayer ? yup I can and I do
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