External/Internal Intention


internal intention : when you want the world to obey your words. For example: I want to be rich NOW. You basically demand to the world to give you assets now; or  I want love now. - You force the world to give you someone to love. What happens in this case - polarized energy. Should I mention what it leads to? :) You basically say to the world - I want this and this but I want it on THIS LINE OF LIFE I INHABIT NOW. This is how it translates to the Universe. This does NOT happen. The world cannot give you everything now because you need sufficient energy to manifest it in general and when you want to manifest on THIS EXACT  line of life, the ENERGY NEEDED IS ENORMOUS. So huge you cannot provide it. That is why moving in the time space continium takes time - because you supply energy and the amount of it determines the movement. This is like a car moving - to move from point A to point B you need fuel for the car. The more fuel - the better. But you say to the world - I want to move from A to B now,basically you are saying - TELEPORT ME there. Still, this is not given by the Universe. I have read that this is going to be possible for humans after some centuries but for now the UNIVERSE does not allow such movement.

Vadim says - you cannot be angry at your Fate, because you are given the right to choose. However, you are given the ability to choose, not to change. When you want something that you dont have - you
say to the Universe you line of life right now should CHANGE so that this new thing you want becomespart of your life. You cannot do that. What you can say is - I intend to get this and I CHOOSE a new line of life which has it :) I am willing to allow movement in the time space continium.

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  • Karolina

    Can you please explain to me what this means regarding How to win back the one you love

    It says "If you wish to win your partner back, you will have to give him the focus of his inner intention. Do not judge him for wanting  to find confirmation of his worth in you, for you also wish to receive something from him.

    Define the focus of your partners inner intention. Turn your aspirations towards fulfilling your partners inner intention.  As soon as your actions are redirected towards fulfilling your partners needs your own inner intention will be transformed"

    thankyou :)

  • What does it mean "if you wish to win your partner back you will have to give him the focus of his inner intention.  Define the focus of your partners inner intention. Turn your aspirations towards fulfilling your partners intention." thankyou.

  • "you are given the ability to choose, not to change."

    I probably read that quite a few times in the books, but it didn't really sink in until now. Thank you karolina.
    I also love this ..
     "when time is not enough, slide the NEXT best possible goal you have if the original one cannot materialize (BACK-UP PLAN) "

    Baby kicked me in the tummy when I read that one!

  • internal intention is determination to act now; external intention is determination to have

    one more thing: you shouldnt think how and when will the goal materialize; if you think - then you have fears .. if you have fears, you vibrate lack .... :)

    if you worry do you "qualify"for you ideal soulmate, or your goal etc etc - you have desire, not intention :)

    you BELIEVE your goal will materialize - you have desire and no, it will not materialize

    you KNOW you goal will materialize - yes, it will then :)

    you need to want and act, without desiring to act

    MAJOR THING: how do you remove excess potential? you actually accept your goal will not materialize

    You create a slide in your mind of a possible scenario if your goal doesnt materialize? You do not do this because you want your goal NOT to materialize, but because you want to get rid of fear you will die or your life will have no meaning if your goal is not accomplished. Just slide this scenario one or two times.

    That way, you remove the excess potential because you have a back-up plan

    and when can goals not materialize? when you give too little time to the Universe to deliver. If you study for a test the night before and you slide how you pass with A, it might not happen as the Universe may not have enought time to materialize this life line for you. You know, that the materialization of life lines is slow process and TAKES time.

    In those cases, when time is not enough, slide the best possible goal you have if the original one cannot materialize :)

  • 2 things hinder to achieve the goal: FAITH and DESIRE

    transurfing is accomplished ONLY through external intention, which results from the union mind/soul !!!!!

    Union between mind/soul CANNOT happen if there is an excess potential!!!

    excess potential comes from placing BIG value on smth - nothing is more important than other thing for the Universe

    so, kyle_starr, I think in your case with the desire for the love like in the movies, you actually:

    place too much emphasis on it, as YOU DESIRE strongly ; this raises the excess potential, which prevents union mind/soul, which in turn prevents the external intention from happening, which in turn stops the materialization of the goal

  • At the first position, people panic because they lack the knowledge that what they want is already theirs in the eyes of the Universe; hence, they vibrate lack and fear - so desires lead to nothing

    The intention DOESNT believe, or desire, it just acts

    Desire is different from in the intention in the idea that "desire" doest exclude possibility of failure; If you desire smth and it is diffuclt for you to get it, you create excess potential because you want it more and more; the actual act of wanting is an excess potential

    pure intention DOESNT lead to excess potential

    now here comes the famous example with the newspaper and the Universe. I have here in teh forum somewhere but since I cannot find it right now, I will explain it again

    transurfing is not FAITH, it is knowledge. When you have faith, you have faith because you are aware things might not develop they way you want them to, so this faith keeps you going; so through faith, you acknowlege you may not get what you want

    With knowledge, you know it is the way it is ... no further interpretations ... it either is or either isnt

    you need to move in life towards your intention the way you go to the newsstand to find a newspaper - emotionless. THink about: you do not have faith there will be a newspaper at the store each morning, you have knowledge . The same is true about your intention. You stated it - the Universe will deliver. this newspaper is your intention. The universe will deliver it to your door. When you wait your morning newspaper, you do not panic, fear, hate etc - you are absolutely neutral towards it,. that is how you should be towards your goal in life: neutral. Since it is already yours, you do not need to panic or fear.

    If there isnt a newspaper at the first stand, there will ones in the second stand. So you basically have nothing to worry about it; if smth doest happen in one way, it will happen in another - that is how the Universe works :)

    the bigger the goal is, the more time the Universe will take to deliver it just as the farther the newsstand is, the more time you will wait for your newspaper :)

  • Clearing up the intention: I wont explain here what an external intention is. (you should know by now :))

    How to have a pure intention and no active "desire" to control the world? You need to balance you intention. THis means, as Zeland states: to want without to desire, to take care without worrying, to try to achieve without being carried away, to act without demanding

    The formula "if you want smth badly, you will get it" acts in an opposite way in case you try to take "actively" steps to achieve it AT THE MOMENT.

    Wrong position: I want this sooooo badly; it is a life and death situation. I will do anything, I mean anything to achieve it

    Right position: You know, I decided for myself I am going to get what I want to get. I mean - I want it? So the Universe will deliver. I have nothing to worry about

  • external intention: you state your intention to the Universe and wait to have it delivered. You do not demand nothing now, you do not hope, daydream, fear, hate etc - you keep your emotions at minium and just do some action you feel are needed to help materialize this goal ex: if you want to win Mr. Olympia, apart from stating the wish, you need to go practise in te gym

    Put in other words:

    internal intention also refers to the idea of determination to act. You concentrate your thoughts on the process of movement and in the end, you get to REACH you goal.


    external intention - refers to the idea of allowing the Universe to deliver what you want. You concentrate your thoughts on the END PROCESS, of the result and you PICK you goal. As Vasim says: When you walk towards the World, the world walks towards you

    example: if you are selling something, with you internal intention you try to sell what you have to sell, but you external intention you get to understand what the custormers want and try to offer it to them.

    I will add something regarding external intention: (this can be confusing for someone) Let assume you try to use the power of your though to move a pencil on the table. Some people can do that. Those with unexplainable powers. What happens is not actually what you think happens: See, when you try to move a penciol with your though, to use your mental power is to use internal intention. It does not work that way however (according to Zeland)

    What happens is that the SOUL and the MIND combine and they send you to a different line of life where the pencil has a changed location. You do not move the pencil, as it is a SOURCE, what moves is its projection in the time space continium. This is external intention.


    Internal intention leads to criticism and conflicts and blame. When you accuse someone of smth, when you want to "help"someone change for the better, you try to influence them with your internal intention. When you accept people for who they are and let me live the way they want, you use external intention.

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