Transurfing. Projector of Separate Reality

10 years have passed since the first publication of Vadim Zeland’s books. This anniversary is marked with the release of a new project by Vadim Zeland called “Projector of Separate Reality”. It’s a full-colour leather bound edition placed in an elegant case. This diary will be your brightening and inspiring companion and a tool manifesting the steps that will lead you to your dream. Read, make your notes and become the director of your reality.

People can be divided into two categories: ‘Receivers’ and ‘Translators’. ‘Receivers’ only take in outer information and ‘watch someone else’s movie’. Most people are receivers. In contrast, Translators can make their own movie and create their own reality. There are very few Creators and Translators, so you will have the advantage that most people don’t have. You can create your own, separate reality.

In Projector you will be writing down thought-forms and mental slides – the images of the reality you would like to have in your world. In other words, you are ‘shooting your own film’. Opposite to what we usually do – making photos and videos of reality around – we project mental images onto reality and alter it. As a result your virtual movie turns into your true movie and you see your mental slides materialize. This is what is literally called ‘making your own movie’.

It is not a regular diary, but a sacred object or tool of creating your own reality. The structure has been prepared; you only have to fill it in, like a colouring book. The ‘Owner’s Manual’ will explain in detail how to do it. For convenience all pages are divided into subject categories. The author gives examples of creating mental slides and thought-forms. At the end of the book there is a summary of basic Transurfing principles.

Who is creating your life? Are you sure you are doing it yourself? Or maybe it’s the circumstances, people around, trends, fashion? Following the purposes imposed by the society people often forget about their own desires and inspirations, so they can’t go their own unique way. Why not wake up and change your role? It’s so exciting to be the director of your own movie!

In Transurfing the main condition of success is the ability to control your mind and learn to think in a way that will help you reach your goals. This book will be your assistant – you will be reading and writing, and thanks to your notes your dreams and intentions will start to manifest.
Вадим Зеланд

Vadim Zeland

Before the collapse of the Soviet Union Vadim Zeland worked in quantum physics research; in the post-Soviet era, in IT. Today, he is a world famous author developing a new technology for controlling reality.

Vadim Zeland writes about himself: To the question of the intrigued readers 'Who are you, Vadim Zeland?' I usually respond: 'No one'. My biography is irrelevant, because I am not the creator of Transurfing, but a ‘chaneller’. You really have to be no one - just an empty vessel, in order to transfer this ancient Knowledge undistorted by your personal attitudes. This knowledge opens the doors to the world where the impossible becomes possible. Reality is no longer something that exists independently outside of you. If you follow particular rules you can change your reality. The secret hidden by what lies on the surface is so tremendous, that the messenger’s personality becomes unimportant. Much more interesting are the keepers who have passed me this Knowledge on to me; but they also prefer to remain in the shadow.
Reality Transurfing Series

Reality Transurfing by Vadim Zeland

We represent foreign rights for a spiritual world-bestseller Reality Transurfing by Vadim Zeland. The series has been in the top-sellers non-fiction list for many years and by now has sold over 2,000,000 copies only in Russia. The books have been translated into over 20 languages and are very popular in many countries.

The term Transurfing has been created by the author and is the name of methodology of creating reality at your will and to your liking. Vadim Zeland says you are capable of influencing the course of your life and gives a scientific explanation of the laws that help you do this. The author builds up a scientific model, and speaks in detail about particular rules you should follow, providing a lot of interesting examples. The book introduces a system of specific terms, notions, and metaphors, which together make a truly convincing, thought-provoking theory of creating your own life. 'You are ruled by circumstances and it will always be like that until you learn how to control your reality,' says the author.

The series was started in Russia in early 2004 by Ves Publishing Group as a collection of five books. The first 3 parts together form the first work (trilogy) entitled 'Reality Transurfing'. Parts 4 and 5 are the second author’s work called 'Apples Fall to the Sky'.

By 2009 four more books about Transurfing method have been released. By 2012 a book 'Hacking the Technogenic System' has been released. By 2014 a new book 'Projector of Separate Reality' has been released so at present the collection consists of 11 volumes, illustrated 78-card deck and DVD.

Foreign editions. Translation rights have been sold to the following foreign publishers: 'Convictor' (Latvia), 'NSM Media' (Bulgaria), 'Eugenika' (Slovakia), 'Alma Littera' (Lithuania), 'Silberschnur' (Germany), 'Tokuma Shoten' (Japan), 'Red Corporation Ltd. ' (Hong Kong, Traditional Chinese), 'Skandro' (Serbia), 'O Books' (United Kingdom), 'Hartigrama' (Poland), 'Planetopija' (Croatia), 'MAAT Center' (Slovenia), 'Editura Dharana' (Romania), 'Inner World (Jeongshin-segyesa)' (South Korea), 'Macro Edizioni' (Italy), 'Ersen/OÜ Eram' (Estonia), 'Guy Tredaniel Editeur Le Courrier Du Livres' (France), Obelisco (Spain), 'Z.N.U. - Zuid Nederlandse Uitgeverij N.V.' (Belgium, Dutch language), Starwon Publisher (China, Simplified Chinese), Kidmat Eden (Israel), Barany Editora (Brazil, Portuguese language)

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