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  • Hello folks - I just discovered this forum and I look forward to learning from you all.
  • Hello everyone,
    I will share a good technique that helped me in manifesting. It was one of the first steps in my spiritual awareness and helped me see the secret behind the "secret" I started telling the truth about everything, I mean everything - Funny how in some cases it has become normal or even polite to lie to someone. Well, I challenged myself and just told the truth about everything. Soon I started to see through the lies I had told myself that was actually keeping me from the things I was trying to manifest. For example, my relationship with money, I had actually had this deep seeded belief (once you identify the lies you will notice that none of them really make any sense) that money was the root of all evil. Why would I attract something evil to me if I am such a good person. I changed my relationship with money and thus open the door to the allowing part of the Law of Attraction. Once I allowed it, I was able to manifest more of it. This truth telling thing will help you see the limitations you have set within yourself that is holding you back from allowing the things you want. It works for me and I can honestly say that the truth has set me free...

    You are perfect, you are amazing, you are great!
  • Thanks. Hope soon people will start adding the techniques they use here.
  • This sounds really cool. I'll be back. Thanks!!!
    Judi, bringing you great blessings!
  • Simple and true
  • @London Lyric

    Done! You've been added. ))
  • Thank you so much. This Law Of Attraction is amazing. Please visit my page and add yourself as my friend. I like to surround myself with as many smart and positive people that I can. Much abundance and prosperity to all of you=)

    I love you all=)

    ~London Lyric=)
  • If you have some interesting techniques to share, you should add them even if they might seem a little strange to some people, 'cause what works for you might also work for others.
  • I use a lot of techniques that might seem bizarre to some
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4 fantastic thoughts?

I may put this on the main forum, and my blog but first I'm starting here.For some it may be a bit complicated but try it you may get the hang of it like I am and you guys may find it helpful.  So far I think I am.  Just started this today, another sort of combo: OK so I've heard it said 3 positive thoughts for each negative one, right?(Sure you can't ALL the time but we try!)But WHAT thoughts? So today I came up with this: based mainly on Abe techniques but my combo etc. You have your negative…

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Could be another way to defeat resistance? turn it around.

I hope I explain this well enough.  Just thought of this now, maybe some of you already do this?Say you want to be X but you think I want to be X but what if being X means I also become Y? For instance, you say, I want to be organized but I also want to have a lot of fun in my life and to be spontaneous too.  Or I want to be rich but do I deserve it?  Will I squander it?  etc.Why not flip that a little and say, write, record & listen to - WHATEVER things like"I am so organized and spontaneous."…

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Split Second Thought

My technique is to feel that whatever I want, I already have. I don't sit and think about it, it just comes to my mind. Then it goes away just as fast, like a blink. It's almost like I didn't even think about it but I know I did because the feeling of the thought lingers. Like a blink, but intentional. It seems to work very often, but I don't rely on it to come just because I think it will. It just does. Because I believe it can.

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