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What do you appreciate most about being Veg*n. I use that as it includes Vegans and Vegetarians.

I made the video below when I visited the Farm last month. I'm the guy petting the Turkey in this video :)

How do you feel the law of attraction works when it comes to what you eat?

I started a non profit to focus on what I "do" want and have found it interesting to see how my Law of Attraction friends react.

Please introduce yourself or grab yourself a free starter kit below. Enjoy! .

Chris Tinney

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  • I have been a member for quite a few years, but I am finally able to post on here. 

    i am wanting to try to start incorporating more fruits and vegetables back into my life. I now have the ability to do it again.

    I look forward to knowing all of you. 

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  • I have a favor to ask. I have a book about how to help the homeless coming out in May and we literally just put up a community so when the book comes out there will have a place to meet others and help our homeless friends online and off.

    I would love to have you be part. I will also be giving away free books to people who agree to leave an Amazon comment after they read it.

    This is the Site is Homeless Friend



    40,000 people die, homeless, on the streets of America every year. This book is dedicated to those who find that unacceptable. It’s for people who refuse to stand by while others suffer.

    There are many people that deserve to be credited for this book but most of all I must give thanks to all my friends who currently find themselves without a home for they came into my life and changed it forever.

    After spending nearly, a decade on the streets I came to wonder who was helping who? I have witnessed a big, burly man cry because I handed him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I've had young teens offer me their body for a tent and I have personally lost dozens of homeless friends who died because they lacked shelter or lifesaving supplies.

    You might ask, could I have done more? I asked myself that every day, with every death, as we travelled the country on the Peace Shuttle.

    This book is the story of how, “Who can you help today?” became the rally cry of Spread Peace USA and a tool kit for those who want to answer that question with actions and not just words.

    If this book inspires even one person to help another in need I will consider it a huge success. After handing a pair of socks to a homeless friend in Portland, Oregon he looked up at me and said, “It’s a miracle”. It was at that time I came to truly understand there is no big or small when it comes to miracles.


    Thanks again, If you would like to be part of helping the homeless online or off I hope you consider being part of the community.

    >> Join Here

    Chris Tinney

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    I'll have a segment on my upcoming show where I interview a Goodreads Author. I'm hoping all my PI friends can help suggest great Authors and books that are on Goodreads. This Goodreads group will select the weekly guest.

    I would love to find some vegan, vegetarian or raw fodists that could be a guest and that are on Goodreads. 

    The first one airs June 2, 2015 and weekly after that on the Voice America Network which boasts 3.5 million listeners a month. 

    Feel free to post suggestions here or on my Goodreads Proile but I hope you also join the Goodreads group and help me show the network and the world there IS a place for positive, uplifting talk on the networks.  

    Visit Goodreads Group

  • I have many more on my youtube Channel, Iam posting from time to time some Infos and Recepis on raw food...

  • So no pressure... all is Ok,,, great you are Vegan already. Thats most importend!

  • Yeah! Once we feel some presure, its normal to go back to some cooked food. 

    And if you go back again to rawfood- you will feel this amazing change of energy and heath. Iam sure, after a while you can just stick to it!

    Here is some inspreation for you:

  • Namaste, Iam living with great joy on vegan rawfood since now 14 Years. 

    Thanks for this group. I hope one day all humans can respect animals. 

  • Namaste :)

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