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Forevergreen and forever green

What an incredible time I'm having. Someone crashed into the Forever Green RV andbecause of the custom wrap it's gonna take 5 weeks to repair. So we've decided to each get our own trucks and trailers and coninue the tour while its in the shop. When it's done we'll still bring it in for Community Stands and Main Events. This gives us the ability to split up and cover more area between main events. This ROCKS! Here's pictures of my new truck and trailer. I pick it up and do the walk throughon the trailer tomorrow :)
Forever Green Lifestyle Tour, FrequeseaGo Forever GreenForeverGreen
I'm leaving tomorrow the minute it's ready! I'm going to be in a different city every 3 days. This weekend I'll be in Reno, NV attending the air show. Then I'm heading down to Lake Tahoe and over to Chico so I can visit the Farm Sanctuary and then to San Louis Obispo where I plan to spend a bit of time! In October I'll be in the Sierra Mouintains filming Forever Green Videos with Stamati and Cody. In November I plan to make a run to Florida and back. I'll post pictures and hold road rally's along the way! I'll be visiting Animal Shelters, holding community stands and telling the story of Tom Harper! My decision to sell everything I own and travel for the next 2 years has been the best decison I ever made. I'm loving life! Namaste, Chris Tinney 415-828-6799 Ambassador of Abundance P.S. If you're on Face Book, hit me up localoutreach @gmail is my address to add me Details: Forever Green Lifestyle Tour

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