I Hunted at so many places, seeked so many advices from so many people and tried quite a many healing ways, but of less use . But I had very strong FAITH and BELIEF that something good and powerful  is still there ,waiting for me to come across. This feeling of mine took me to VIBBES KADA and Sharat sir on Facebook .
I was ignoring it , considering a new product or healing modality , common like other things .But it didn't leave me . After every next day it seemed like the VIBBES kada was trying to connect with me .
Finally after realising it a new sign from Universe to allow good and blessings in my life I contacted Sharat sir and asked if he could help me know about VIBBES kada.
Not looking at his watch , he helped me with each and every question I was struggling with related to working of energy healing and vibbes kada , law of attraction and much more .
I am overwhelmed with his humble and welcoming attitude which has helped me past full year.This and many more life long promises of support and care . He is a man of his words . He promised me that he will share his knowledge and wisdom till I can ask.
Never met such a DIVINE BEING.
I was asked to experience the cosmic energies of VIBBES KADA even before buying it.I was asked NOT to have faith on it until i check and understand it's working .
So the journey of me and VK started .just to try its working I used it's serums to reduce weight even before I was made to understand what benefit it has , and how to use ,guess what .... I lost weight .... 2 kgs apps. I saved money of gym.
But just one experience was not enough . I was still in doubt that if this metallic wristlet can hold cosmic energies .So, I met a clairvoyant , who kept looking at my hand and trying to hunt the reason of flowing energies out of my hand . where I was wearing VIBBES KADA ,which also confirmed the presence of cosmic energies in VIBBES KADA.
Any time my kids fall sick , special serums and support of Sharat sir helped me avoid doctor's visits , long expensive bills , trauma of major illness , expensive tests . I again saved soooooo much money .
Along with health , kids had great benefits in studies too .
So much More to share in such a small space but blessings are uncountable which I have been blessed after VIBBES kada
More and more I kept using VIBBES kada more my aura became positive and STRONG . More of my sadness kept going , feelings became strong , thoughts became positive .
Never ever had I felt so positive and BLESSED what I felt after meeting Sharat sir and VIBBES Kada .
I wish more and more people to reach this blessing .

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