The Power of Visualization! A group to post our dreams expressed in pictures, to create an amazing Vision Board, adding powerful affirmations (please, no comments, just pictures and affirmations).
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  • Hello everyone! Here's something to brighten your day :) It's a photo I took. The rays of light on the little flower brighten up mine. Sometimes just visualizing something beautiful helps make the day a bit more beautiful :)

  • I am going to be leaving the Internet, although it is not by choice. I have to disconnect my Internet connection and close my web sites due to lack of funds. It was nice meeting you all.

    Hopefully I won't lose my house too.

    The purpose of this campaign is to get people to take time to reconsider the effects of industrialized farming on humans, animals and the environment by educating people about vegan lifestyles.

    From In Defense of Animals:

    World GO VEGAN Week is also about celebrating what it means to be vegan. Veganism enables people to live in balance with all of Earth's creatures and promote freedom from exploitation for animals as part of their everyday lives. Modern animal agriculture is cruel and violent toward the chickens, cows, pigs and other creatures used to make meat, milk and eggs. During World GO VEGAN Week, we encourage people to become conscious of what - and who - they are eating, the effect it has on the world, and that a non-violent alternative exists.

    Check out World GO VEGAN Week for a list of ways to get involved from recipes to community activities.

    “I chose to be vegan initially as an energetic pursuit, as meat and dairy slowed me down, but have since become convinced that it is not only the most healthy way to live, but also the most compassionate and ecologically responsible way.”
    -Woody Harrelson, World Go Vegan Week Supporter

    Animals are my friends... and I don't eat my friends.
    ~ George Bernard Shaw (Nobel Prize-winning playwright, 1856 - 1950)

    Universal Love Peace and Harmony
  • i see myself in my dream institute.. i will get into it...

  • My real estate career will flourish and my jewelry business will grow!

  • Peace and financial freedom for my family
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Cool Way to Create a Portable Electronic Vision Board

Hello beautiful peopleI have discovered a very easy way to have a cool electronic vision board and I thought I would share it here.It's very simple. You'll need a Hotmail account :DOkay, Hotmail recently changed its settings, so now when you attach photos to an email, you have the option to view the photos as a slide show. So here's what you do. Download or save whatever images you like to your computer and keep them in a special folder. Open up a new email and attach your photos. Now send the…

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Manifesting My Destiny

Manifesting DestinyTrina L.C. Sonnenberg Yesterday I experienced the power of the Law of Attraction. Earlier in the week, I was in a terrible car accident, which both my mother and I walked away from, but the car was totaled.My first reaction was to be grateful for my life and all those who helped my mother and I in that horrible situation. My second reaction was why did this happen? I lost my car at a time where I have no extra money and definitely do not want a car payment. My wreck was paid…

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