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  • I am interested in partners for a start up of a web design company. Anybody interested in putting together a strong LLC ? I got a killer marketing plan!...

    Must know how to build pages.. Dreamweaver preferable.



  • HI FRIENDS....

     do any body having any idea about wat is hypnosis....????

     can it be learned if yes then how????

    i will be really thankfull for ur ur guidance
  • Hi, I have created a website, which I love. It was fun creating it. I was totally focused on it for a while, and now I'm not sure what to do with it next.
    If anyone would like to offer suggestions, I'm up for it.
    Here it is:
  • Hello,

    I am an aspiring Graphic Designer. Here is some of my work. I'm looking to go to school this year for my certification.

  • Hello Prince,
    Thank you for coming here but would you please go to the discussions in the forum so all can see and pose the question so that I or someone else can answer this question for you.

    Peace and Love
  • hi every one. i am having trouble putting multiple picture one a web page i am creating
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  • May the magic of this holiday be yours today and all throughout 2009! A toast of love, joy, health and prosperity xoxoxox

  • Hi Everyone,

    Since I wasn't able to send this through my back office, thought this forum would be the best place for it - since it's all about gratitude!

    In my part of the world it is finally feeling like fall - interesting how in just a few days weather can shift so fast, actually this year feels like it's time warped a bit faster than usual - which is really kind of interesting in relationship to how fast our thoughts can travel towards manifesting things in this dimension! :)

    While I am daily thankful for the many things life continues to offer, in Thanksgiving tradition, am visualizing all of you gathered round my feast-filled table in gratitude for the many blessings that surround us all; no matter the appearance of things.

    Am thankful for online friends like you, who make the world a more heartfelt, endearing place to co-create in.

    Am thankful for a virtual community that allows each of us to pop in and interact with one another, through this hub called Powerful Intentions!

    Am thankful for the sun shining here today, am thankful for my health and present day mindset that's filled with unwavering hope and faith in things unseen - where the magic lies!

    Am thankful for the love and gratitude universally sprinkled throughout my lifetime, as a gift to remember how LOVE is still and forever more will be the greatest POWER to tap into.

    May your Holiday Season be exactly as you desire it to be! Hugs and Kisses from my house to yours,

    Valerie and Family

  • Hello, I am looking to create a database and spreadsheet group. I have created numerous databases and spreadsheets that summarize large amounts of information in user friendly formats for all types of users. These tools all focus of budget and cost analysis. If no one's guessed yet I am an accountant (CGA in Canada) with a passion for electronic and web reporting techniques. This site is very interesting to me and I hope that it will aid me in my quest in web page designs and that I may assist anyone else who has questions in spreadsheet and database functions. I hope to learn a lot from all involved. Infinite gratitude for this group.


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I have a question! Where can I make a webpage using html etc not templates?

I read about this idea and like it - make a webpage/site whatever using the codes you learn and have the site about things that interest you.  That's all well and good but as I am searching for webhosts, webpage creators etc. they all seem to use templates and I want to go beyond that.I am in the UK, use Vista and want to start doing this for free.When I get good, fine I will pay then. Thanks in advance! 

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Wayne Parker's web design ebook

Got Wayne Parker's web design ebook - Beginner's guide to webdesign, there's an add for it on the right hand side of the Powerful Intentions forum - and haven't had a good look at it yet - I will be!!! - but I just want to say how much I like it.  It is content rich, there are things about LOA in there too far as I can see, and it is at a very good price.  He has also been very helpful & supportive & patient cos initially I had a question about it and I look forward to using this knowledge -…

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Dreamweaver Licensing requirements

Just had a question about this and thought I'd see if anyone would have any advice:I recently purchased the student version of Dreamweaver from a seller on ebay and didn't realize that in order to obtain the serial number, I have to provide proof that I am enrolled as a student somewhere....unfortunately, I am not a student. I purchased the program to do the web maintenance for a non profit arts group and didn't know that this was required. So the end result is that I paid $200 for a trial…

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Flash Editing!

Help!I want to know if a flash site created (I assume) in CS3 can be edited in Kompozer. I'm asking because I purchased some pre made flash sites and the directions stated that components can be edited with or in CS3 or CS4. I'm a real novice. Do I have to purchase an Adobe program to do this?

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