• i realy want tot win the california mega million and i put it out to the world that i have won and i know i am a winner nd a mega million!!!!
  • Awsome! Congratulations my dear ... I dont have to say this but... ENJOY it!!!!!!
  • Im playing the mega million lotto and i know that im already a winner. I feel it in my bones and my sprit. I go to sleep and wake up feeling rich. I feel like I already one so much that i have almost gone to buy the condos and cars i want with no job or anything just the feeling that i won. I know God is with me and hears my pray's. I would like to ask and thank you for your support. The Mega Millions in Ca is for tommorow night! Im rich people! I'm going to pay my taxes of course and give 10% to my parents church, 1% to the pastors which is my mom and step dad. I plan to yes get my dream condo, dream cars, a investment condo, a house that will be also a investment where my 4 other brothers will live at. I will help my family out, help friends, travel, get business plans in order and help other people like the homeless and intercity kids with scholarships to college.

    I'm already bless and im greatful for my life and new found riches.
    • Good Luck Phillip.
  • Well done.

    How did you do it?
  • I intend one Million dollars to come into my life and into the lives of everyone that holds this intention.. NOW!!

    With Gratitude and Love
  • Sarah,
    Congrats! Did you pick the number yourself or did you do Quick Pick? I usually play QUick Pick figuring that the Universe will give it to me in the machine if it's meant for me that time.
  • Sarah,
    Good for you...
    Live long and prosper!
  • me too ,here in Europe we will win the once(name of the lottery in Spain)10 million euros!lucky winners too.this Saturday the 27th of Sept.whopeeeeeeeeeeee!
  • yours in abundance from the other lottery millionaire

    Pay Janice
    thank you
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