• Did you really win $10,000,000? AMAZING!!!!!! Please share more about how you did!!!
    Love & Wealth!
  • WOW, thats so beautiful, so happy for you, keep winning,

    love and light
  • Congratulations! Sarah, let's keep the positive energy going! I intend one million dollars to come into my life and into the lives of everyone who holds this intention!!!
  • Hello
    Congratulations. I believe we can accomplish anything we focus on. I play the scratch off lottery in ny and I have been winning at least 10x more than before I listen to "The Secret". The law of attraction is such a gift from GOD. I am sure everyone in this group will win the lottery.
  • WOW that is great!!! Hope i will do the same one day!!! Good luck to you.

  • Wow! wonderful. What a great experience to achieve. You manifested well.

  • hi congratulations on your win
    i dont play the lottery in the uk but maybe i should.
    whats your winning secret i would love to no.
    i wish you happy living and love and peace.
  • Spirit Awahili,
    I would love to join you in creating whealth for someone else in the group.
    I have thought of doing this a couple of days ago and I think it is a great Idea.
    your Pal,
    Lucky Winner!!!.
  • Congratulations!
    I keep buying my tickets every week and hopefully, one day I will be as fortunate as you. It is life changing and I sincerely congratulate you. Best of luck.
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