30 days of visualising the BIG WIN!!! who's in????

I'm on this path, and would love to share with others that have decided (as I have) that this is my time!!! No more holding back on our dreams or falling of track, lets get focused and do this!! We all know it's possible, we all know that it a case of "sod reality, Im staying in my happy place" and not coming out out for nothing or no one. To get there we have to feel like we've already arrived, and most importantly stay there!! NO DOUBT, NO FEAR!! Lets just let go and trust that its done....and in the meantime LOVE AND ADORE where we are.

I've been there a few times, in pure expectation, and it felt so good. But I let my focus wander when I was closer than I had ever been to "smack you in the face" manifestation.

So this time I'm going all the way!!! who's with me????



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  • I joint! (^_^)

  • I already feel like I won the jackpot even though I dont buy lotto tickets:)

  • Count Me In..... :)

  • count me IN :))))))))))))


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