What if we all for one week came together and thought of the same exact six numbers which we will play in the lottery coming up this Friday June 07,2013 or Saturday June 08,2013.  So we are sending to the universe positive numbers if we all pull together we can meditate or whatever you personally due in order to win. In my country I remember where we won a gold at an international event and we have a one number lottery game where each number is represented by something, not quite sure what number gold represents but most persons who played but that number and won because they were all positive that this number will play are you in?

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  • Ok so one of our numbers will be the number 6 and my number is 34 so we have two numbers so far 

  • I had a dream a few days ago about some "green 6"

  • I'm in!!

  • In Jamaica we have a lottery game called "Cash Pot" basically you choose a number between 1 and 37. But each number is represented by a symbol so it basically prompts players to look anywhere for signs so say for example i am walking down the road and I see a pregnant lady i would go and buy the number associated with the pregnant lady. If i have a dream about water I would buy the number associated with water. So when Usain Bolt first won the gold in the 100m persons who played the game went and bought the number associated with gold and that number played as alot of persons were putting positive energy and confidence that....that number will play and it did.  So we could get 6 numbers and we all think positively about the numbers and that the numbers will play and see what happens we can try for one week.

  • Sounds fun - what do you mean by a number that represents gold?

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