• from what I understand it is about feeling like you've already won and holding on to that no matter what. I've found my mind wondered onto "logical" processes a number of times, trying to work out the numbers is filling in your own grid, way too specific for most of us to focus through. Afterall this has nothing to do with numbers, and everything to do with alignment!!


    namaste & good luck. X


    here;s the video my friend. all the best. ^^

  • lets play detective for a minute. when you visualize, it isnt for us to GET something from somewhere out there. No. When we visualize, that experience we feel, OVERRIDES the feeling we've hoarded for years about what we desire and THAT'S when the thing we desire starts moving in our favor.

    Visualizing is not WORK. It is a tool to override our longstanding belief about a thing. So this should make you WANT to visualize with enjoyment because once you override your belief, you get used to the NEW belief and feeling and THAT'S when those things treat you differently..especially in your favor. Stop trying to cry! Do not work up a sweat, visualizing, and then stop to see if it works. The new experience when visualizing, CAUSES you to act different and feel different about your desire.

    So basically, you are pushing your old self aside with visualization so the visualized YOU can attract things differently and THIS time... to your liking.

  • There's a video by esther hicks about winning lottery..would be glad if someone finds it and post it
  • You might want to try getting a piece of paper and visualize the numbers that will be written on that particular piece paper sometime in the future. If the lottery drawing is at 10:00 pm, then try to visualize what numbers will be written on that piece of paper at 10:30 pm. After the lottery numbers are announced, write the winning numbers on that paper. I experimented with that a while back and had some decent success. The best I did was get 3 of the 6 two digit numbers correct and I got the first digit of the three numbers I got wrong correct. The three second digits I got wrong looked pretty similar to the winning numbers (Two that I remember were that I put down a 1 and the winning second digit was 7 and I put down a 7 and the winning second digit was a 9).

    If you try this, you may want to do it around 13:30 Local Sidereal Time (or at least between 12:30 - 14:30 LST), because that is when psychic abilities peak. I usually have far better success around that time period.
  • I tracked down Helene Hadsell - She's spent 50 years winning contests and lotteries.

    Listen to the audio on site.

  • two minutes before the lottery played on t.v. I started visualizing myself AS a winner. Without looking at the t.v., I immersed myself in this moment...mega happy. jumping up and down as I looked at my "winning" number. I did this until the telecast ended. Now because I was immersed in this feeling, I had to go to my computer and check the number. The damn thing was a HIT!! I WON the WIN4 number! That led me to believe that the physical things of this world move according to our RIGHT NOW feelings. In case you want to know...YES it happened to me quite a number of times.
  • Experiment and see what happens. Keep us posted.
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