Does this happen to anyone else?

I have been working hard on manifesting my lottery win for the last year or so.  It feels like everytime I play, the winning numbers are either all there, but in different lines, or I am one or two numbers off.


On this last ticket, I got one number and the mega ball.  The rest of my numbers were one number off from the winning numbers.


Does this happen to anyone else? 

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  • Dear gonnawin - I admire your persistence.  Good job keeping on keeping on.  How about a diversion.  There is a ton of free info from Neville Goddard online - download and teach yourself some new strategies.  Also yahoo groups discussing Neville Goddard.  I purchased a book from amazon called The Neville Reader.  It's a collection of his lectures.  Brilliant manifest er.    He lived what he taught - one story had a lottery winner from UK in 2006 - that guy did many things to increase his wealth thinking.  Makes me tired to read it - but I think it has to be done to re pattern your conscious.  I found his story on the testimonies at -

    Scroll down a bit and see "Lottery Winning."


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