I won again!

After a long pause in buying tyckets to scratch, I bought 3 of them!  I tapped EFT for my belief that I cannot win! It was a 10 and I lowered it to zero!

I won again $11! Please, do not laugh...It is well a good beginning for this year!!! :-)

I am grateful! Gratitude is also a very important factor! Feel grateful no matter if you win nothing, $1, or a million dollars!

Now I have an EFT (Tapping on limiting beliefs) + Ho'oponopono (glass of water as cleaning tool) strategy!

I keep you updated...I invested the $11 to buy 3 new tyckets! The glass of water is working...and I am waiting the right moment to scratch :-)

I wish money energy to help the planet!

Love, Faith & Wealth!


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  •  Beam Of Light

    1st of all i would like to say congrat to u and keep it on!

    2nd, i would like to get some tips on you how do u did it? can u share with me in details? like do u pick your number? or just lucky dips? how do you visualize? can you tell me more about it? many appreciate. 

  • Last week I won E 1,50. to spend immedeatly in the next ticket for this week. I did, but now I didn't win anything.
    Next week I try again.
  • Yes!!!!! The Universe loves me and you... and everybody! Abundance is in progress to be delivered!

  • Keep on winning, Beam. It ($$$) will accummulate. Keep affirming. Keep in the NOW. You will win the BIG ONE.
  • I won again! $7!!! :-)
  • Fantastic!!!!

    Why would we laugh!

    I used to win all the time in NY I wold always come out " in the black" each year!
  • Hmmm...$11 is my "translation" from Swedish Crowns ha ha...but you have right, good sign!
  • That is wonderful..........!!
    and number 11 nonetheless.......Hhhmmmmmm....that is amazing.

    I saw the affimation in my inbox......Great job BOL. It looks wonderful.....and very positive I might add.

    Bless you for all your love and God bless to Universe/God.....for making our wishes come true!

    *Hugz all around*
  • Awesome Beam of Light - explain the glass of water - is it a blue glass that you sit in the sun for a few hours? I'm not familiar with water use in ho'oponopono - except for putting a blue container with water in the sun for a few hours. I am told that is a cleansing tool.

  • Congradulations......enjoy.....:0)
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