Struggling with LOA and winning Mega Millions

I feel that I need this money in order to enter the life that I've always wanted. Travel to search for true love, entry fees to get my film career noticed, and spending some fun times with my best friend and mother as well as building my dream home. I currently live in a pretty bad neighborhood, bad town and I need to get out of here and follow my dreams. I keep buying lottery tickets for $1 a peace and I struggle. I need some motivation, energy, tips, advice, etc to inspire me. Share me some millionare stories using LOA, if you had the successful experience please share it with me. I feel life is falling apart for me. But I'm trying my hardest to think positive and not fall into depression. Please Respond ASAP! Thank You.

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  • The secret to winning the lottery through the Law of Attraction is that you first must create the consciousness of prosperity within you, and then you must let the LOA deliver your prosperity from whatever channel it sees fit. I won twice and wrote about it in MANIFEST YOUR MILLIONS. You should buy tickets, but don't demand that the LOA deliver your money from the lottery. Be open to receiving it from anywhere. This is the key to manifesting money. 

  • Hi there,

    I'm no expert and fairly new to this LOA stuff myself and desire the winning of the jackpot. In the past 2 months I have already won £10 3 times. Small amounts I know but I guess going from hardly ever winning to this is quite good! And shows my vibration has shifted since started.

    Like I say I'm no expert but if you are focusing on the bad things which is easy if you want a change then from what I've read you are actually focusing on your "lack" and that's what you get back...

    You need to start feeling excited about money. Even if you don't have half as much as you want, I guess still feel excited when you see your card. Visualise receiving more. Believe you WILL receive more and picture all the things you do want.

    If you go onto youtube there are many free videos showing EFT - I have found this very helpful in "tapping out" negative beliefs surrounding money. Its an easy technique that allows you to focus on anything you feel that may be negative by "tapping" like acupuncture you "tap it out" and then put new positive beliefs in its place.

    I know that its easy to think negatively when you are in a negative situation. I have recently had things that have made it harder to remain positive. But I know if I change my mindset positive things can come. And eft has helped too.

    Just noticed you posted this a year ago! How are you doing? Still trying or maybe you abe on already!!! Haha!

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