win the lottery~~!!! (New in this page)

hai, i am new here...

i would all of us to share how do you guys win the lottery by the LOA?

do u guys pick the number? or just by lucky dip?

how long do u guys visualizer? 

how to visualizer?

and more... pls, share me some tips.

thankyou very much and all the best for everyone~

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  • oo!!! do u mind to send me some link for that pls? thankyou very much~ ^^

  • Hi Jack - excellent material can be found authored by Neville Goddard.  Google his name and you'll see a Wiki page.  Scroll to the bottom and there are a number of free pdf docs - his lectures.  Go to Amazon and review his books.  I just purchased the Neville Reader - a collection of his lectures.  The best of the best.  There is a Yahoo group also that assists in applying what he talks about.  Good luck in your research.

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