Winning the lottery

Since I started thinking positively and visualising the fact that I have won money on the lottery (note the word 'fact', I strongly believe this), on multiple occasions.


A tenner here or 60 quid there. But the most important thing is that I win on average once every two or three weeks, and have since October last year when I started this positivity. Whereas before i would win once every three months if I was lucky.


I have absolutely no doubt that a big win is on the cards for me in the not too distant futur as I am a lucky person.


I have already visualised and continue to visualise the feeling of being grateful and excited for the win. I very much hope it's a large amount of money. Not because I am greedy but because I want to help out all my friends and make sure they don't have to work again either.

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  • And so it begins...


    Today I received a letter from Barclays Bank stating that they have tracked down an old account of mine and enclosing a cheque for just under £1,000.


    Wow! This really is the power of positive thinking in effect!


    It's not the heady heights of financial independence I am visualising for myself, but it's all grist to the mill and only strengthens my resolve that this is going to happen for me,


    This money is going straight towards method acting classes I am taking, thereby helping me to achieve one of my other goals.


    I can't believe it. I'm such a lucky person when it comes to money; it seems to come so easily and freely to me! If ever someone doesn't believe that the law of attraction and positive thinking can provide results, point them at this thread!

  • Yes, Damien, you've got it! Go for the big one!
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