A group for all of us who have the wish to win the lottery! Together we raise our vibrations and we win! Join us for your miracle of wealth, to realize your dreams!
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To make these affirmations more effective, you can tap EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) on the energy points. If you are new to EFT, read here to learn.

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  • What a neat group!

    Spending time thinking and FEELING about how it feels to win the lottery,
    i.e. how does it feel and why, is a fantastic way of getting into the vortex!
  • Need to Read that Book ~ Thanks Marianne.

    I win the Lotto EVERY DAY in Every Way ... just by seeing a few Smiling Faces ... hearing the Birds Sing ... Feeling the Wind on my Face ... and My Heart Beating Soundly in My Chest
  • http://commandingwealth.com/index.php

    This is the site address to go to to order the book The One Command.
    This book teaches how to command the Universe and it will manifest fast what you have commanded.
    Releasing negative beliefs using the mostly unused parts of the brain by going in thetalevel. and order what you want and belief it happens.concluding : It is fullfilled. Thank you.
  • I AM... Grateful for BEcoming a Billionaire Lotto Winner ~ of Hungarian Forints and for the Universe Allowing Beam to Win and Malang to Win so we can ALL Save the Planet

    And so it is ...
  • Malang...I am TOO sensitive to hear that, you TOUCHED my HEART!... you are so generous! Please WIN! :-) You may even help Paul, who is another noble soul committed to make the best here on planet mess :-)...pardon, planet earth, to become a billionaire!!! It is a cheap act, considering the forints value in dollars!
    I am employed by the planet!
  • I will share with you so you can help Animals Love And Hugs
  • Good, for Paul is easier to become a billionaire! You Malang are more messed up! Smile :-)....I am trying anew strategy to tap EFT before to scratch the "TRISS" tyckets...addressing to the limiting beliefs...I keep you updated. I have 3 tyckets now...and a water of glass (Ho'oponopono tool) working on them, cleaning!...:-)
  • one million Hungarian forints = 5127 U.S. dollars
    to win you must say I Am thankful foe having Won the lottery. not I am Manifesting or I wish or i need all of that is in a state of lack. stay in the vortex I Am grateful f
  • Dearest Paul,

    How much is a million in Forints in dollars? :-) You just need two to be a billionaire!, right? :-)
  • Well Done Paul !!!! Even in Forints it is good, you can go to the Balaton for a break the summer :)
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Great Vibes Found Here For Me Re thd Lottery

I really want to thank the people who have been so active on this Lottery forum! It really reactivates my lottery dreams. I wish to win not 1 million or 10 or even 368 million dollars anymore. But 700 million dollars and have a nice private condo down near Los Angeles and start several businesses and s cat rescue in the state of Or too.

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Using Vibrational Numbers To Win Lotteries

How To Win Lotteries With Vibrational NumbersHere I am going to tell you how you can use Vibrational Numbers to win lotteries.You can use this method to win scratch off games and pick games.This is all about getting in touch with your higher self and connecting with the Higher Source to allow the numbers to come to you. As you have seen from my other videos, it does work.So sit back and get something to snack on and drink. I hope you enjoy it

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Baby Steps..

I saw the Secret years ago and as time went on, I forgot about the movie until I saw someone post something on Facebook about it recently.I saw the movie last week and felt positive energy return to me.I listened to Bob Doyle and how some of us should take baby steps, so I decided to start small when trying to win the lotto.My goal was to win $5.I focused on my simple goal and meditated just a few minutes.Yesterday, I was drawn to a scratch-off I have never played before and spent $5 for it.I…

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A Story Worth Sharing

I wanted to share my experiences here as they might help somebody.A few years ago I wanted to improve my financial situation,which was desperate,and did a reiki session based on a coaching model I had developed.The model involves tracking potential money flows and any obstacles that might prevent a good flow from happening.I'm trained in several healing modalities so sending energy to remove obstacles is second nature to me.I identified a good potential flow and the route it would take,long…

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