Just to be different If you like post unusual or any pictures you like of you,family pets places Anything!

MY first Picture MI AMORS Profile in a gallery cool huh? MY MOM made this one!


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  • Beautiful picture of Argentina from the airplane!

  •  picture of Michael in front of the Hard Rock Cafe is a real picture not one of the edited "fun" ones.

  • This is wonderful! Some pictures just fit with this program and some don't look so good, but this one looks good Even the expression. (in response to Jem's picture of her baby in the Star Wars picture. I didn't realize till after I posted this, it didn't show up right under the picture I was talking about)


  • Wisdom is one thing, but "feeling good" (uplifted) doesn't always require words. I made this in the http://photofunia.com/ site. you have to have a good, face picture to upload. Not that it has to be a good face-person LOL but a clear, facing front one.

  • Pick a picture then click browse and you click a picture photo that you like on your computer, very simple, Thank You Polina, Michael, Carrie for sharing this:) this is my 10 months old baby i have something fun to show him when his older lol


  • Watch out rapido mujair on the loose = speedy woman!!!!!


  • Always BE Good when this woman flashes her badge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • A fairly new But A very Good old Friend!! A neiborhood dog who runs free!!!! The eyes say it all for me his name is SULTAN,pronounced (Sooltahn) in spanish! he is my buddy I see him everywhere!!!!


  • PICTURE I took out an airplane window over ARGENTINA with cell phone camera!! (FLYING HIGH)6248577666?profile=original

  • POLINA AND I in a crystal ball(sort of photoshop program) But I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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