a clear inside-of-the-vortex description of your work



Abraham asked the fellow on the "hot seat" if he could give a "clear inside-of-the-vortex description" of his work, and that just spoke volumes to me! :O) 


I get it! :D

As a writer there is so much for me to appreciate, right now!

For example, I like to think about characaters who give me a good feeling. I like to think how there can be so many different characters and stories or situations and how I can feel so good about so many of them.

And I like to think about a story of mine, say, and how I can simply love all the different characters in that one story, alone. And how I can love the setting and the way the story gets started and the feelings I get to explore and the interesting little ways that the characters express themselves. And I feel so proud thinking I did all that. In fact, I AM all that. Yeah! "I'm ALL that!" Hahaha! ;O)

I love thinking how someone somewhere is thinking about a character who was once just a thought in my mind--but now this person has intimate thoughts and opinions and memories and feelings about this character. Now, there's something to think about.

I like knowing there are people who like to look over text and ask themselves, "Who'd be just right to illustrate this?" and "How should that be handled?" And I love that there are people with just the right skills and aptitude to bring that further dimension to the written word (when appropriate). And I love that I know enough about the illustration end of the industry to appreciate that.

And I love it that there are so many people with different skills and interests to help bring literature to the masses.

I really enjoy playing, too, with the tricks of the trade. I like playing with the look of the words on the page or with the sounds of words and how one word affects another word. And i have fun messing with rhythms and expectations with my writing.

I like to use my imagination, and simply love knowing that this is one field where I really get to flex that muscle!

What about you? What's "a clear inside-of-the-vortex description of your work?"

Sunshine & Blessings,

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  • Hi Cricket,

    I'm creating myself to really celebrate running into you on PI! :O)

    Yay you, Sweetie! & it's such a pleasure to feel my own appreciation through you. Thanks for playing such a cool role in my illusion. ;O)

    Sunshine & Blessings,

  • Wow...I never really thought of it like that!!!  :)

    I frequently don't find the process fun...but instead a struggle for the words that I'm looking for.  I'm frequently pleased with it when I'm done...but want it to just flow more quickly and easily.

    But...as usual...you've certainly given me something to think about!!  :)

    much affection,





  • Hi T,

    I really appreciate the beautiful flowers & knowing we share an important connection. :O)

    It's been fun sharing these ideas with you & anyone stopping by for a read, T.

    Sunshine & Blessings,

  • This spoke to me as well, as a writer, I seem to connect to writers on a different level, and I just love it.


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