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  • Ella Stokes, that is such a great question, as a matter of fact, it is what I am going to be focusing on "Tippy Talk"  Show at www.blogtalkradio.com/booksilove I would love to discuss it with you, and make a working plan. 

  • Hey everyone! Newbie in the group. Not sure if I'll post anything, but I'm definitely a writer. I write things.

  • We also did the string to cans phone thing back in the day.

    Thats the way thing should have stayed.

  • rejection slips I look at them like a badge of honor. You have to get  a few rejection slips before you get the green light. How many, well it doesn't really matter because you already know what is waiting for you at the end of that string.

  • Why i care to stare. the feeling ain't there.

    If it's there for you do what you do.

    Get down with your bad self.

    dont put it on a shelf.

    Trophies aren't here... they are everywhere.

  • New message :)

  • Thanks for the support, Giovani --  I am a damn juicy writer!



  • Hey Donna!

    Thanks, for keeping us in the loop! :O)

    Yeah, rejection slips blow, big time.

    And they don't necessarily make sense. Do whatever makes sense to you, Donna, but consider this: If you can meet at a publisher's office a couple of times and tap her expertise about the direction the industry and her company are going, you stop being a mere cog in the wheel and become a real person to her.

    See if you can create a relationship with even one editor in your town. Editors know editors and agents, and if they buy into YOU, all sorts of things can happen.

    But this is all in the context of you being on your own side! So, make your way back into your vortex and start shining. This group's a wonderful place for you to demonstrate how juicy you are!

    And, admit it, you are one juicy writer, aren't you? ;O)

    Hahaha! :D

    Sunshine & Blessings,

  • Well, I sent out my first picture book manuscript to a publisher about three weeks ago. Last weekend I received the rejection letter. I suppose the positive news is that at least the response was quick so I can send it out again.

    Still, I felt such positive energy about that publisher. I thought they were in my vortex -- the Universe led me to a writing conference in which they spoke and welcomed unsolicited mss from attendees. Their published kids books seemed compatible with my style.

    Hard not to feel depressed and begin to doubt my vortex feelings. Any advice from other writers?

  • Hi-i!

    WRITERS WANTED: Preferably with their hair on fire!


    Sunshine & Blessings,

    PS: Or someone could actually post some content, here, at Writers Forever!

    Just a thought. :P

    ~ G

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a clear inside-of-the-vortex description of your work

Hi-i!Hi-i!Abraham asked the fellow on the "hot seat" if he could give a "clear inside-of-the-vortex description" of his work, and that just spoke volumes to me! :O)   I get it! :DAs a writer there is so much for me to appreciate, right now!For example, I like to think about characaters who give me a good feeling. I like to think how there can be so many different characters and stories or situations and how I can feel so good about so many of them.And I like to think about a story of mine, say,…

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 Click to read article:  http://hiddenlighthouse.wordpress.com/category/lightworkers/ After reading, you can use the Back button in your browser to return here to participate in a discussion. 

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IF YOU'RE FALLINGYesterday, in a casual way,you told me you loved me andI need to know if you mean it,because I don't feel the same,and toying with another's passionis a fool's gameI do not and will not play.It's like messing with matches in a barn full of hay!So if you're falling, let's uproot it now beforeit has a chance to grow . . . if you're falling,I would eventually break your dear heart,this I know --though I would never intend it.Indeed, I wish to prevent it!This affection is easy to…

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Hi-i!I've got this character I've been noodling around with.  (I like that: noodlin' around.  "Wanna noodle, Baby?"  "Yeah, Let's noodle.")This character's name is Ante-Up!  Well, okay, her name isn't really Ante-Up, but that's the name that stuck.  As the story goes, she was playing strip poker with some girlfriends, and one of the girls goes, "Well, ante-up, all ready."And, just at that point, her cute little niece zips down the stairs and around the corner and says, "Hi, Ante-Up!" and…

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