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  • hey Guys just saw a friend sharing this post and i thought it would be right up your alley
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My Inspiration For Today Join This Forum

I have been working on LOA for several months now.  I too seem to be stuck in regards to receiving. I meditate, I know what I want, I visualize, I even use hypnosis to remove any blocks about money that is in my subconscious.  I listen to Abraham Hicks quite frequently for more insight.  Yet, I'm stuck.  I have been told that when I feel a moment of inspiration to act on it.  I saw this forum, and did so.  Therefore, I believe answers that I need to move forward, will follow.ThanksKAL

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Judgement Jar works like magic!

I am using the five documents that melody has provided at the top of the group page, and I must tell you they are working their magic straight from the first day. Her second document, i.e. the second step to the LOA is about "knowing your worth and having it" in which there is this activity called "Judgement Jar", in which you choose a jar and label it judgement jar and whenever you get a thought of judgement towards someone or something, you straight away get a piece of paper and right it down…

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Someone to Talk To

Hi. I am new to this group but I have been working with the LoA for many years. I feel like i still have more to grasp about it and I was wondering if someone would be willing to talk to me about it one on one. I need to talk to someone who really gets it and sees it working for them. I really feel that one on one connecting with someone could help me a lot, something I havent had or been able to try yet.Thank you.

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