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  • So I tried to be a little more positive about my self image and did affirmations yesterday and my day turned out pretty surprisingly! I got a lot of positive attention from men, and got checked out and even asked out buy at least a few! I wasn't interested in ANY of them, haha...but it was an enormous ego boost.

  • Thanks for the compliment :) I guess it's just hard to see the beauty and worth in myself when things aren't going right in my life. I've struggled with depression and low self esteem as long as i can remember. The longer someone has had a certain habit the harder it is to break it. I really should try the affirmations, and i do plan on reading more of Rhonda Byrne's books.
  • Andrea, there are LOTS of ways out of this.  Please don't despair.  It's good you shared this, it's good to get it out but there are lots of things you can try honey, affirmations, The Magic - actually for YOU I recommend you start THERE get the book & follow the 28 days of processes.  It's another book by Rhonda Byrne.  There is hypnosis, subliminals, a whole lot of things.  I don't know where to start or what to say except once upon a time, I used to feel like you in a way so I kind of understand.  There are lots of things you can do.  Action wise.  But the depression, mmm that may be something you need a professional for, I dunno.  From your photo, you are anything BUT unattractive and I'd also ask you to say what can you do to love YOU more?

  • I really don't feel beautiful at all these days...I've been suffering depression and stress, betrayed by friends, rejected and ignored by men that I've cared about/been interested in. My friends are all coupling up and getting attention/affection from the opposite sex, it seems like everyone is finding happiness and love but me. I feel so hopeless, worthless and unattractive. I'm tired of feeling this way, I really am. I feel like my life would be better if I were more interesting, smarter, younger, thinner and more attractive but sadly, it just feels like there's no way out of this dark place for me, like I'm trapped here forever while everyone moves on without me in their happy lives. I'm so jealous of all of them.

  • Let's get this group going again eh?

    I had a glance into the mirror yesterday and when I looked at the person staring back at me, I was amazed at how beautiful she was/is. For the first time in a very long time, that beautiful woman was me. I have not seen myself as beautiful in a very long time. 

    I did not see chubby cheeks, or lifeless limp hair, freckles, scars. I did not see how years of giving so much of herself to others had left her worn out and starting to look like life itself had been sucked out of her... I saw a beautiful, caring, genuine person looking back at me.

    She has a wonderful smile, beautiful brown/green eyes, full dark hair, golden brown glowing skin. She was/is amazing. Her beauty from the inside was bursting out and reflecting outward. This woman was confident, independent, alluring, mysterious, classy, sexy curves. I honestly loved the woman looking back at me. She is the most amazing person I've seen/known and I am proud to say that woman is me.

    I'm proud to be that woman in the mirror. She is not perfect, but she is imperfectly Perfect for me. I am so grateful to finally be able to see her and truly believe I am a beautiful and amazing person.

  • You're engaged!!!
  • Nice me too.cus most pepole with mix of green and brown dont have circels! they just flow into echt other like my mother.
  • i have bit green with brown aroun my pupils so necly obseved modessttreasure
  • this is me


  • 13052011026.jpg


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