I'm early twenties but baldness is something that causes me much anxiety, I worry about it most days. I don't have baldness on my mum's side but my Dad he starting losing hair at 50. Though I'm scared at the possibility of  losing it early (though I'm not balding)

Is there any success stories of reversing baldness or preventing? It's hard because I feel I need to be able to know there's something I can do about it to put that anxiety to rest, what I hate is not having control and not knowing whether it will happen or not and when.

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  • 24.

    I wouldn't care if I lost it at 50. Just early on in my life.

    • You can keep all of your hair forever and stay as young as you want forever if you like ^=^

  • I've read stuff, and scientists these days say it can happen from both sides of the family. My mum said the same thing as you :).

    The chance is so small that I'll go bald early, but I hate that there is a chance, it makes me uncomfortable, it feels as if I don't have control.

  • Let me englighten you with a "mass consciousness" belief around baldness: Baldness genes don't follow from your paternal side, they follow from your maternal side (your X chromosome). So, it doesn't really matter when your dad started balding... based on our belief in science, it matters about when your mom's dad (your maternal grandpa) started balding. If he has a head full of hair, than 100% chance you will as well :)

  • I thought you were quite sceptical of physical changes? I remember reading your posts.

    • I  thought the same thing. lol

  • There are plenty! Also, how old are you? Even if your dad started losing hair at 50, that's 50 years old! I doubt you'd care all that much when you're that old anyways! :)

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