• Thanks for the link! ;)
  • Yup! :)
  • Really? Thanks for telling me! ;)
  • Ugh, i could slap myself. I downloaded this program years ago and got rid of it. (face palms self)
    It's funny because i was thinking the same thing the other day and I'm like why couldn't we? Anything is possible!
  • I believe there is this program that I looked up and one of the testimonials were tht a guy changed his gf breast size. It's callled Arvari

    It would b pretty cool, I have heard of Chinese and Indian yogis doing it lol I wouldnt know.
  • Not sure. Would be great if we could, because then we could focus on things without fear. It might be a good idea to do that with posters here.

    I had acne problems. I really do recommend drinking water. I dunno if there is really any medical reasons, but everyone in my family, after they upped their water intake, acne started reducing (including me). Maybe power of positive thinking or something, it feels like you're doing something to combat it. But maybe drinking more water flushes out the toxins better.

    Though did see a study on tv when they experimented people upping their water intake, and yet scientifically saw no differences to their skin. So I dunno.

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