Day 10 of Natalie's method

Once again, I'm posting this the morning after (so it's technically Day 11)

An update on my skin, it's definitely less oily than before. My skin is also a bit clearer, but like I said I won't say anything for certain until other people start commenting. I know that I don't have a lot of resistance to changes happening in my skin, because it's within the realm of belief I currently have.

I've fallen off slightly from the path of applying Natalie's method strictly, because there are LOA perspectives out there that say you need to clear resistance first, and hyperfocus on your desire isn't necessary. And I know I have a lot of resistance. But still, that seems incomplete to just work on clearing resistance. So for the past couple of days I've been in the process of figuring out how I want to move forward and I think I finally managed to come up with something!

I will combine Natalie's method (constant visualization and focus/attention on desired appearance) with on-going resistance clearing mechanisms. How I clear resistance is 2 things

1. accept my emotions - all of them, no exceptions

2. observe my thoughts in a detached manner, especially when it comes to my current appearance 

Here's my theory. The subconscious mind does not like a vacuum. Meaning, if you just work on clearing your resistance to your current appearance without providing an alternative (aka focus on what you want), it'll just revert back to focus on what you don't want aka your current appearance, because a reality has to be in place for your mind. It can't just be a empty space. But if you focus on your desired appearance and you keep denying your current appearance WITHOUT clearing the resistance aka resisting it, you'll still be stuck with your current appearance because what you resist, persists. So it's gotta be both. 

It's now Day 11 and I'll be applying this method for the first time today! I still recommend "connecting" with your desired appearance every morning because I realized that if you skip a couple of days you'll need to build that momentum again of remembering the reality of having it. 

end of day 10


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  • I hope you remember to love who you are 1st
  • That theory is quite similar to mine as well. I hope it brings results.

  • Nope, I don't plan on doing that now nor am I convinced that's the way. We'll see.

  • So I have a question. Do you plan on letting go meaning completely forgetting about your desire? I heard a lot of people manifest really fast that way. Unfortunately, it is really hard for me to do that so I don't know. 

  • Ok! I'll do that after Day 14 so it can be week by week. I'll do Week 3 then. 

    • great idea, thanks love. I will keep following your posts

  • Hi dear, love your updates! Do you mind updating in one discussion so the feed is not too cluttered and easier to follow?

    Hope you reach your goals in no time :*

  • Amazing updates, I really love your theory and agree with it to an extent. The new reality you speak of I think is created in imagination first through emotions and visualizations, and then when you can't tell the difference between that one and your current one, you're free to alternate per your wish. Just a theory of mine that is still in testing.
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