Day 13 of Natalie's method

 Another day of nearly resistance-free visualizing today! It was pretty cool. I don't want to trick myself into anything but I looked in the mirror and felt something was different - better. Like I said many times before, the only sign I will take with certainty is someone else commenting on my appearance changing. Since I'm with family and they see me everyday, even if something is changing, it would be so subtle and gradual that they probably won't catch on immediately. 

I answered this in another comment, but I never mentioned in the first place what exactly I want to change! So here's the full list 

- a couple inches shorter

- naturally very thin frame

- flawless matte skin on my face and body

- naturally hairless except on my scalp, eyebrows, and eyelashes

- freckles

- lighter eyes with a limbal ring

- a facial bone structure that resembles a model I like

- different hands and feet

- lighter hair color

- different skin undertone 

There could be more but that's what I remember for now.

Goodnight or good morning, wherever you are :)

end of day 13


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