Day 2 of Natalie's method

I just realized doing a daily journal might clog up the front page so if it's annoying let me know.

Today I practiced more on focusing on what I want whenever negative thoughts pop into my head. I use Abraham's "pivoting" technique to help me use a modified form of Natalie's method based on this quote from her:

It's a tricky thing to adjust your perspective and thoughts to know that what you're seeing is actually what you think it is. You are seeing your old nose because you think it's you're old nose "I don't have it yet" So you don't. "My new nose is there. I can see it, it is the only possibility." You don't have to see it right away, but know that when you think it right away, sight will follow. When you know that you have your new nose and that that is the only possibility; when you have faith that it is the only thing that is there and that nothing else could possibly be, then everything else will fall into place very quickly afterward. You just have to know that your new nose is all that is there. Know that the sight of it, for everyone, will come, because you believe it will. 

Which leads to my next point: the kind of visualization she talks about is very difficult to do/nearly impossible for most people without faith. Visualization, true profound visualization, does not come from the mind. It comes from momentarily tapping into the actual reality where your desire exists. 

So basically my modified method is reminding myself that Reality is Infinite and all possibilities exist. All I have to do is use my attention/focus to get me there. Whenever I feel negatively, I remind myself...then I'm able to properly visualize. If I don't remind myself, I can't visualize. 

I believe the key is to be persistent and do this every day. 

end of day 2 


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  • It's true, all possibilities exist. The Universe is vast, mysterious, and beyond our comprehension. According to science, the double-slit experiment confirms that the act of observation (attention) collapses the wave function (makes the possibility into an experienced reality). So just give attention to what you want and it's yours!

  • "reality is infinite" I like that. I really like that

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