Is anyone else having this problem? I try and implement change and I do my visualisations every day, but soon enough (around 4 days or so) I give up and don't keep it up. Often it's a result, maybe I had a bad day, or didn't feel up to it, so couldn't get myself to do it. Sometimes you just get agitated that it's not working and you give up. Or on that day I tried to force myself to do it, and didn't work (so I gave up). So you give up, and then try again after a period of time. Process repeats. It's so hard to keep your spirits up and continue doing it. Also in my visualisations, it requires me to slow down things, not to move so to make the visualisations more powerful. And being still is annoying sometimes.

Does anyone have any ideas to get past this? Especially those who've been successful in change. This is the block I'm having so much trouble with. I try and stay positive and keep up with practicing the law of attraction, but I keep becoming negative and give up midway.

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  • I'm not a master or anything, so be sure to scrutinize my ideas.

    I think we've all been successful with LOA at one point in our lives or another, rather we realized it was LOA at the time or not.

    My most successful intentional manifestations happened when I was not attached.

    It is so simple, yet we complicate it and get in our own way.

    We create mental loops that we consent to jump through, thinking that....well...if we want results we have to do SOMETHING...we have to work...we have to feel at least a little sweat. Often, the harder we try, the more resistance we put in our way.

    Don't act like by pushing hard you can force something into reality. You are the designer, you draw up the plans, but the universe is the construction worker, you know. Don't get in its way, you have to let it be built, and you allow by feeling good, by accepting that you can have whatever it is that you want.

    1. Believe that it is possible. The more you just accept, yes, sometimes people have growth spurts, even as adults. It is not unbelievable that I can grow. In fact, it is very possible; Somebody is going to get that job, why not me? the easier it is for things to come into reality. This is what it is like for me personally, at least. I've been thinking that it is hard and a miracle for me to reach a certain height, but it is not shocking. I'm believing more and more each day that I am pretty much destined for growth. I'm seeing this as a reality. It's like, just accepting it. Like I accept that people live a certain way. I accept certain scientific laws as truth. And it's not a big deal. It doesn't have to be a big deal for something to manifest. You just have to stop saying that it can't manifest. You have to stop blocking it. If I think that getting height is hard, it will be. So that why I'm changing and stopping saying "It's this huge goal." and I'm just saying that it is a natural occurrance. You can be excited, but I've manifest things when I just believed they were natural, so that's possible too.

    2. If I were you, and I felt bad when I manifest, and it just kept making me tired, and annoyed, I probably would take a bit of a different approach. I would do little things to lift my vibration every day. I would practice getting into the vortex. You can FEEL when you start to elevate your vibration. You can start feeling good by listing little things that get your soul going. Like, describe little things that make you giddy: your passion, think about that, a person you really really like, things you're happy for, movies and songs that you love and make you wanna dance, pure gratitude. Being in the vortex feels good, and I want to be there more often, so personally, I don't see this exercise as annoying.

    I guess, even tho you feel annoyed, sometimes perseverance works, particularly in situations where you have to keep repeating something that doesn't feel right to yourself until it becomes believable and THEN you start feeling good about it.

    just in general, do things that make you feel goood!

    when you're in a feel-good place, then think about what you want.

  • feeling is healing  denying is dying

  • it seems like you are running away from your current reality , because it bothers you so much. You have to feel okay with where you are right now so that on the bad day it doesn't hit you and make things worse for you. You will always go around a circle unless you are okay with now, you cant go to point B if you don't know or denying where you are standing or hate where you are standing. It's a process, acceptance is hard. When that bad day  comes and you feel terrible(trust me I know how you feel) talk to yourself and ask why you feel the way you do , is it because someone imposed their realities on you? are you living their life and their expectations? does it actually belong to you? are you picking on other peoples energies? ask...really ask ..your body will respond you will feel it,if it does belong to you once you ask it will feel heavy if it doesn't then you will light. Never  run away from your  feelings because  they're  telling you something process it. Figure out when was the first time you felt this bad? understand why and why you making yourself believe it the lies that you are not okay the way you are or where you stand.  Manifestations occur from pure positive focus and unless you process all the blocks you cant move forward .

  • Thats clearly your belief systems at work, saboutaging your efforts. Change them first and you wont keep hitting roadblocks.

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